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5 Free and Full-Featured Smartphone Theme Applications

Smartphones cannot be separated from daily activities, so many users are trying to make their smartphone look more modern, cool and stylish in addition to not getting bored quickly through applications to add to the impression of a modern smartphone.

Seeing this high need, many application developers create various types of display or theme applications for users smartphone in various forms tailored to its users.

Even in addition to offering many images of the theme application or wallpapers interestingly, the developers also provide additional features to the application to make it look more multifunctional and can be customized by its users.

Here are some choices of theme applications that can be used to support the appearance of a more stylish, luxurious and even contemporary smartphone.

C Launcher Themes App

C Launcher has become one of the favorite theme applications for smartphone users, because it can easily change the appearance of the wallpaper with just one click.

In addition, C Launcher also offers a large selection of attractive, stylish and contemporary themes or wallpapers and is always updated with the latest theme or wallpaper trends.

Apus Launcher Theme Application

Apus Launcher is a theme application that offers a variety of themes that are more personalized for its users. So that the choice of wallpapers and themes can be adjusted to the hobbies, interests or even the activities of the users.

There are at least 50 thousand latest and contemporary wallpaper themes that users can choose from, which are divided based on special directories such as nature themes, hobbies and other themes.

This application is also relatively light because it has a small storage capacity so it doesn’t drain the phone’s storage capacity.

Apus launcher is also equipped with additional features such as flash light (flashlight), cell phone battery saver feature to divide each category of files and photos in the smart folder feature.

Therefore, it is not surprising that since its launch, Apus Launcher has been downloaded by more than 5 million smartphone users.

Nova Launcher Themes App

Nova Launcher is not just an ordinary smartphone theme application, but also has features in the form of editing photos and animated images that you want to convert into wallpapers. In the application directory, which can be downloaded for free on the Play Store, there are tens of thousands of images of contemporary themes and wallpapers from various types of themes.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher can be said as a theme provider application that is relatively simple in terms of use. In addition, this application also has a relatively small storage capacity so it does not require a large mobile storage space.

Equipped with 9 choices of wallpaper themes that are always updated automatically, Apex Launcher also has a choice of themes that other applications do not have, namely; anime theme that is very liked by anime lovers.

You can also easily customize the icons on the smartphone’s main display with attractive icons or logos in Apex Launcher.

Poco Launcher V 2.0

The next theme application is Poco Launcher which has now entered the latest version update, namely: V 2.0 which is lighter, simpler and rich in various types of selected themes that can be downloaded for free on the Play Store.

In addition to a simple design, Poco Launcher also includes other features, namely the choice of dark mode themes that spoil the eyes of its users. Not only that, the size of this application is also relatively small, only 12 MB with the advantages of all-new themes and features.

Those are 5 smartphone theme applications that are contemporary and equipped with various interesting additional features to make your smartphone look cooler and different.

However, before downloading a theme application, it is also important to be aware of the possibility of applications that have scripts or contain malware that is dangerous for smartphones. Make sure to first read the ratings and reviews of users and developers and the required device permissions.

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