5 Good Laptop Brands for the Cheapest and Best Students


Laptops have become a necessary device for students and students to complete various tasks. But what about a good laptop for students but has a price under Rp. 6 million? Don’t be confused anymore. Because here will be given recommendations along with detailed specifications and advantages it has.

1. Dell Latitude 3190

If you are looking for a laptop that already supports the features touch screen, then the Dell Latitude 3190 is a recommended choice. The screen is designed not too wide, only 11.6 inches with HD resolution support. Because this laptop is presented for students who do a lot of outdoor activities with high mobility.

Dell Latitude 3190 is presented with a unique design. Because the hinge can be rotated up to 360 degrees. Users can use it in various modes at once, whether it’s a tablet, tent, or stand. The processor used is an Intel Premium Silver N5030 and an Intel UHD graphics card. This laptop is priced at IDR 5.5 million.

2. Lenovo Ideapad Slim

Do you want to have a laptop that is easy to carry anywhere? Try to use Lenovo Ideapad Slim. Because this laptop is presented with a slim design and has a 14-inch wide screen. To support its performance, this laptop uses an AMD Athlon Silver 3050e processor.

Lenovo Ideapad Slim is designed with a large RAM of up to 4 GB. It’s just not equipped with SSD. But users can plug the microSD GB into the slot permanently as a storage solution. This laptop is equipped with port HMI, so that the screen can beextended to the projector. The price itself is IDR 5.6 million.

3. ASUS A407MA

The ASUS A407MA will be a great laptop for students at a very affordable price. Because only with budget 3.5 million to 4.5 million only, this laptop can be carried off. Of course the price is suitable for students, but still worth it to fulfill daily activities.

The screen that is presented is quite wide, which is 14 inches with HD resolution. The graphics card used is Intel UHD 600 with chipset Intel Celeron N4000. Of course, this makes the ASUS A407MA have a capable performance. The speed of this laptop is also supported by a 128 GB SSD and 4 GB RAM.

4. Lenovo V130 HEID

4 million laptops may be suitable for entry level. But the features carried by the Lenovo V130 HEID are presented in a class that is not fake. Anti . technology glare with a 14-inch wide HD screen makes this device comfortable to work on. The RAM is indeed 4 GB. But users can add it to improve performance.

5. Alcatel 12+

Just like before, Alcatel 12+ is also offered at a price of IDR 4.4 million. This device has a unique theme. Because it combines a laptop with a tablet at once. If typing a fairly long task, users can turn it into a laptop. The trick is to pair keyboard practically.

The 11.6-inch wide screen is very appropriate if this laptop is carried outside the home. What’s more, you already have support full HD which makes it look sharper and clearer. The processor used is the Intel Celeron N3350. The advantage of the Alcatel 12+ is that it features a sensor in the form of a fingerprint scanner. So its safety can not be doubted.

That’s the recommendation laptop which is good for students but has a price of no more than Rp. 6 million. Even though they are relatively cheap, these laptops are suitable to be used to accompany activities on campus or when doing assignments. Moreover, the design that is carried makes it flexible and convenient to carry anywhere.

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