5 Indo Artists With the Most Followers, There’s Sultan Andara!


The number of Instagram followers has become one of the measures of the success of Indonesian celebrities today. No wonder, the list of Indo artist names with followers mostly occupied by names that are very well known which proves the popularity of the artist.

Instagram has become an application that is widely used by celebrities. Besides, it is useful to get closer to the fans. The Instagram application can be a new source of income for artists, especially those who have large numbers of followers.

Due to the amount followers Of these many, these artists can use their Instagram to open services endorse. Then, also bring in other sponsors. Anyone, the hell which have followers most in Indonesia. The following is a list of names:

1. The Indo Artist with the Most Followers, Sultan Andara SatuRaffiNagita1717

Be it in the field entertainment and the field of business, this one artist couple is very successful. It seems, it is not surprising that this one couple’s account is perched at number one on the list. The number of followers is also affected because the account used is a shared account.

This automatically makes Raffi Ahmad fans and Nagita Slavina fans alikefollow one account only. The account used by these two people was questioned by Instagram. But in the end, Instagram agreed. Now the blue tick account already has more than 51 million followers.

2. Ayutingting92 – Ayu TingTing

Had a chance to feel the position as an indo artist with the most followers. Ayu Ting Ting’s account finally had to be shifted by Raffi Nagita’s account. Although the actual comparison of the number of followers of these two accounts is not far.

To date, followers The fake address singer’s Instagram account was recorded at 47 million followers more. This number can still increase and Ayu Ting Ting’s great hope is to shift the position of Raffi and Nagita again. Moreover, Ayu Ting Ting is an artist who diligently uploads his activities on Instagram.

3. Prilly Latuconsina96 – Prilly Latuconsina

Collect 40 million followers This makes Prilly Latuconsina more successful in becoming an Indonesian artist with the most young followers on this list. This is actually not surprising considering the number of successful soap operas and series starring this young actress. Not only in Indonesia, Prilly Latuconsina is the youngest artist in the world to get a lot followers.

4. Princessyahrini – Syahrini

His figure who has always been a trendsetter makes Syahrini not escape from this list. The Princess is on the list of one artist indo with the most followers after successfully accumulating more than 35 million followers on his Instagram account. Princess Syahrini is also a celebrity who often shares her activities on Instagram. Not just daily updates, this singer also often uploads interesting content. Like, funny behavior with his friends or certain parody videos.

5. Laudya Cynthia Bella – Laudya Cynthia Bella

Even though she rarely appears on the small screen, it doesn’t make Laudya Cynthia Bella completely out of news. This beautiful actress still often shares her daily life through her Instagram account. With a number of followers of up to 33 million people, creating an account this actress is one of the most followed.

This beautiful woman became an inspirational figure because of her polite attitude. His posts also often invite his followers to worship and draw closer to Allah SWT.

Those are the 5 names of Indo artists with the most followers. Looking at the number of followers of the accounts above, it clearly illustrates their popularity in the entertainment world. Not only endorse, they also actively post positive things for their followers.

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