5 Interesting Facts From JYP’s NMIXX Girl Group That Just Debuted! Netizens: JYP Is Getting Cooler!

JYP Ent re-introduced its new group, NMIXX. Officially debuted on February 22, 2022, NMIXX JYP released a single entitled Ad Mare and the title song OO

Getting good comments from netizens, it seems that NMIXX JYP will follow in the footsteps of its sister group, ITZY, which has already debuted and is famous among all K-pop lovers.

So what are the interesting facts about this new girl group debuting NMIXX? Curious Isn’t it? Let’s see the following review.

What Are Interesting Facts About This New Girl Group Debut NMIXX JYP?


Because they have just debuted, JYP’s NMIXX has received a lot of attention from netizens or lovers K pop. Therefore, the News Reference has summarized some of the interesting facts, so read this article to the end.

1. Has 7 Members

One of the leading agencies JYP has introduced one by one of its 7 new girl group members at the end of 2021.

Of the seven members named Lyly, Haewon, Jinni, BAE, Jiwoo, and Kyujin, all of them have very beautiful visuals, as well as talent that cannot be doubted.

2. The meaning of the name NMIXX

Many are still curious, what exactly is the meaning behind the name of the new girl group from JYP?

The name of the group itself has a combination of the letter N which means now (now), new (new), next (next). As for MIXX itself, it symbolizes diversity.

So the name symbolizes a new era of diversity in the K-pop music industry for now and in the future.

3. The number of songs from the new girl group NMIXX

There are at least 4 songs in their debut single album on February 22, 2022, with their title track OO

4. Print Many Achievements

His first debut single, NMIXX has sold out in just 10 days of pre-order. This album recorded sales of nearly 40 thousand copies.

5. Delayed Showcase Debut

JYP Entertainment made a new announcement on a fan platform, namely that their new girl group has again postponed its debut showcase, because 2 members tested positive for COVID-19, namely BAE and Kyujin.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, those are some interesting facts from JYP Ent’s new girl group, NMIXX. Besides having amazing visuals, but all the members also have a lot of talent, how are you a big fan?

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