5 Most Famous Block Chains in Indonesia


The pace of development of financial technology, especially in the block chain sector, is increasing rapidly, this is indicated by the increasing number of special start-ups that focus on developing block chains and their various features.

Later, in addition to being developed by domestic children, block chain technology through platform also developed by companies from abroad who see the huge opportunity for data platforms in Indonesia.

On the other hand, crypto and bitcoin enthusiasts in Indonesia are also increasing along with the increasing recognition of crypto-based assets that provide promising income potential as one of passive income or side income.

As is well known, a block chain is a series of technology which is used for digital data storage systems and is directly connected to crypto and bitcoin.

In its development, many data platforms in Indonesia also have other additional features, such as buying and selling crypto assets, better known as exchanges. In addition, block chains are also used for mining various crypto assets.

Block Chain Platforms in Indonesia

There are so many block chain platforms that have developed and been developed in Indonesia, with various types of features and services, ranging from exchange, mining to block chain learning.

However, of the many platforms, block chain exchange models or as traffic for buying and selling crypto assets, here is a list of platforms in Indonesia:


Indodax has been established and developed since 2013, so it can be said as one of the pioneer platforms in the block chain sector. At Indodax, you can carry out activities such as buying or selling various crypto assets, ranging from bitcoin, ethereum and ripple.

As an exchange-based platform, Indodax is the largest platform in Indonesia to Asia with a total of 1.5 million users and a daily transaction value of up to 100 billion. With Indodax too, you can buy crypto using rupiah.


Luno is a platform from Singapore that was developed with an identity as an Indonesian block chain since 2016. At Luno, you can transact bitcoin, crypto and other assets simply by using a smartphone or computer device because Luno is developed based on an application.

Currently, Luno is used by up to 2 million users worldwide with a trading volume of up to 50 bitcoins per day.

my account

Furthermore, there is also the original block chain belonging to Indonesia, namely my Account, which has been developed since 2017, although it is relatively new, the number of Accountku users has reached up to 136,000 users spread across several major cities in Indonesia.

The advantage of this platform is that the asset withdrawal feature in the form of crypto can be done 24 hours online. In addition, services related to technical matters can also be done anytime for 24 hours every day.


Furthermore, there is also Coinone which comes from South Korea and was also developed in Indonesia in 2018. In his country, Coinone is the largest platform with a global standard business concept, Coinone targets the number of users up to 30 thousand users every day.

Crypto Store

Then, Toko Crypto, this platform has actually existed in Indonesia since 2017, which has also been developed to various regions in Indonesia to provide understanding and application of crypto assets to the Indonesian people at large.

The Crypto Store itself was originally developed by a community of crypto activists in Indonesia who wanted to introduce crypto to the Indonesian people as a whole as a new technology-based income potential.


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