5 Most Laughter Korean Comedy Recommendations

5 Most Laughter Korean Comedy Recommendations – The entertainment industry in the Ginseng Country, it turns out, is not only about drama and love stories. There are many recommendations for Korean comedy films that deserve attention. Moreover, these films are not just comedy films to invite laughter. These Korean comedy films also have good stories.

Each film has a unique humor and is guaranteed to invite laughter from the audience. Not infrequently, the comedy genre in these films is combined with other genres. This makes the story in the film more interesting. Not only make you laugh, these films can provide other effects such as sadness to a sense of tension. The following is a list of recommended films:

1. Extreme Job

What happens if an undercover police officer sells fried chicken? In fact, his wares became well-known and well-known. This is what happened to the 5 cops in the story of Extreme Job. On the recommendation of this Korean comedy film, Captain Go and his team should only disguise themselves as selling fried chicken near the drug dealer’s headquarters.

However, because of the delicious taste of fried chicken. The restaurant, which was almost bankrupt, became famous and had many customers. Captain Go and his team began to lose focus on the reconnaissance mission. Many strange things also happen during this team run the restaurant and missions.

2. Secretly Greatly

On the recommendation of this Korean comedy film, fans can see another side of Kim Soo Hyun. The actor plays the role of Bang Dong Gu, a young man who is considered mentally disabled and lives in a small apartment. The character of Bang Dong Gu who is cheerful and seems a little stupid will invite laughter from the audience.

However, it turned out that Bang Dong Gu was not his true identity. Bang Dong Gu’s true identity is Won Ryu Hwan. He is an agent from North Korea serving in South Korea. However, his heart becomes shaky after he gets close to the people in his environment. Moreover, it was his grandmother who always helped him.

3. Sunny

It has been adapted into the Indonesian version with the title Free, a recommendation for a Korean comedy film entitled Sunny, which tells the story of the friendship of youth between girls. Centered on a character named Na Mi, played by Shim Eun Kyung.

This film has a back and forth plot that shows Na Mi’s youth and Na Mi who has become an adult woman. This film will not only invite laughter with its comedy. However, it also shows the beauty of friendship and youth with all its conflicts and problems.

4. Midnight Runners

The next Korean comedy comedy recommendation is Midnight Runners. In this film, viewers can watch the action of Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul as a young police duo. Still naive and inexperienced. These two young men try to save a kidnapped girl.

Police themed, so in addition to funny humor. This film also provides enough action to make the audience tense to see it. The fight scenes are also very exciting and done without a stuntman, you know.

5. Sweet And Sours

This one film is relatively new because it was released in 2021. Combining romance and comedy genres. This film will show a realistic story between lovers who have been in a long relationship. Starring Jang Ki Young who plays Jang Hyung. Jang Hyung has been dating Da Eun, played by Chae Soo Bin for a long time.

When their relationship is sour and in trouble. Here comes Bo Yeong played by Krystal Jung. Although the romance story in this film sounds pretty mainstream. However, the storyline is guaranteed to surprise the audience.

Those are 5 recommendations for Korean comedy films, not just focusing on the humor. The films above also focus on the storyline. There are many lessons that can be taken apart from being just entertainment.