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5 Practical Ways to Send Funds to Ovo

The variety of cashless transactions, including sending funds to OVO, makes the transaction process easier and faster and transactions made through electronic money This is also considered more efficient and of course safe.

The use of digital wallets is increasingly popular among the public because of the many benefits that you can get, starting from vouchers cashback, until there are points that you can collect. In Indonesia itself, there are many digital wallets, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Although in terms of users, they are still in the upper middle class market, as well as certain groups who are aware of how many advantages the use of digital wallets have, their use is increasingly being recognized by more people. Supported by increasingly expanding the reach of the internet to many areas.

Of the many digital wallets, Send Funds and Ovo are the two types of digital wallets that are most widely used by the people of Indonesia, including any transactions from these two applications, whether sending funds to Ovo or vice versa.

Dana is a digital wallet application under the umbrella of PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe, while Ovo is a digital wallet under the umbrella of PT Visionet Internasional, which was previously popular because it was used as digital payment by an application-based transportation company, namely: Grab.

Unlike some other similar applications, these two applications can make transactions with each other, such as transferring money or sending funds to Ovo, or vice versa. Each variety of applications with digital wallet services has a different system and form of features, so each has its own charm.

High Fund Digital Wallet Transactions to Ovo

This allows people to choose applications according to their needs and desires, based on personal considerations. Whether sending Funds to Ovo, the features offered are very diverse, for example at collaborating merchants.

Services Other Than Transfer or Send Funds to Ovo

Since each application comes with different services and features, you can first observe and consider which application best meets your needs. Some of the services of each digital wallet application include sending and requesting funds transfer services, making payments at many stores, paying bills, paying monthly fees, and much more.

Mainly, this digital wallet will help facilitate transactions in various forms, from transactions at offline stores, or online with more practical steps. You no longer need to spend cash or have to wait for the rest of the transaction to be refunded in cash. Just use your smart phone, all transactions can be completed more efficiently. In addition, this digital wallet is also considered safer in conducting digital transactions because there is no need to carry or have to spend cash every time you make any transaction.

How to Send Funds to OVO

Transferring or sending funds to Ovo by sending money to an Ovo account or vice versa via the Dana application or vice versa, can be done in an easy way. Here are the steps you must take when you want to send Funds to Ovo:

  • Access the Funds app then select the Send feature.
  • Select Send to another bank account.
  • Next, select Bank National Nobu with the code number 9, then dial and enter the OVO mobile number you want to transfer via the Dana digital wallet application.
  • Then, enter the number of the balance you want to send.
  • Confirm and enter your Dana account Pin code.

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