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5 Profitable Business Ideas for Middle School Children, Guaranteed Profits


In modern times like this, anyone can start their own business. Children who are still in school can also create opportunities to make extra money. In fact, there are many profitable businesses for junior high school students that can be done without any capital. These ideas are also easy to implement and won’t take up a middle schooler’s time.

So, while looking for additional income. Junior high school children can still focus on their main task as students, namely learning. In addition to increasing their own pocket money, starting a small business at school age has a very good impact. Here are 5 business ideas that junior high school students can do without minimal money.

1. Selling Credit and Internet Data Packages

His name is young people, especially today’s students tinseparable from the internet network. Every day it feels like something is incomplete if you don’t check social media. This makes pulses and internet packages a mandatory requirement that is much sought after. The need for credit and data packages can be a business opportunity for junior high school students.

Junior high school students can start selling and offering credit and data packages to their friends who need data packages. In addition, junior high school students can also offer it to their own family or neighbors.

2. Selling Popular Game Vouchers

In addition to credit and data packages, a profitable business for junior high school children is selling vouchers. The reason is, today’s young people also cannot be separated from online games. Not a few, young people and online game players who are willing to spend real money to buy game items. This can also be used by junior high school students to earn additional income.

You do this by selling game vouchers that are currently popular. Middle school students can find out first what games are booming around them. Then, determine the game vouchers you want to sell. That way, junior high school students will find it easier to get customers. Because, many play games whose vouchers are sold.

3. Open Typing Service

Nowadays even junior high school students usually already have laptops and are asked to do assignments via laptops. Instead of using a laptop only for doing tasks. Better, its function is added by looking for additional income. One of the profitable business ideas for junior high school children that can be done is to open a typing service.

Moreover, for junior high school students who have the ability to type fast. No errors and familiar with laptop keyboards. This business will be a very ideal and profitable business.

4. Blogging

The next profitable business idea for junior high school students is to open a blog. Although, looking for additional income from blogging it takes a long time. However, at least junior high school students don’t need to spend any money to get started.

It takes patience and a long process so that the blog that is opened has many visitors and can finally provide benefits. However, this method is quite feasible to try, especially for junior high school students who are interested in the digital world and blogs.

5. Selling Snacks

Who doesn’t like snacking, young and old will definitely like snacks and snacks. Especially for junior high school students, it will be very easy to get a market selling these snacks. Middle school students can offer snacks and snacks to friends they know. It’s also possible, there are interested teachers who order.

Those are 5 ideas business for junior high school students that can be done with minimal capital. Anyone can start their own business even at school age. The business can be started from a small business first.

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