5 Psychological Tests To Determine College Majors, Must Know


Psychological tests in determining majors are very important. This also applies to prospective students who will study at a university. If you choose the wrong major, it will definitely hinder your studies and ultimately choose not to continue. To prevent this, below is a psychological test to determine college majors based on the characteristics that must be known:

1. Psychological Test With Realistic Type

The psychological test to determine the first college major is the realistic type. This type tends to tend to the type of employment that will be oriented towards its future application. In psychology, this realistic is more of a very strong motor trait.

Prospective students with this type are usually always covered with concrete tasks and have physical and also explicit challenges. Prospective students who have this type prefer practice rather than theory. The following is a selection of the right majors to choose from: Fisheries, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, pharmacy, computer science and even mathematics.

2. Psychological Test With Intellectual Type

Test type psychology the next is the intellectual type. This type tends to be academic in nature. where the characteristic of people who have this trait is that they often reflect on a problem and are not quick in overcoming them. As well as dislike social and often task-oriented.

Tasks that are suitable for this type are tasks that have abstract and creative abilities. The solution that is usually done is to be as effective as possible and requires imagination and sensitivity to something that is physical and intellectual. Appropriate majors for this type are mathematics, exact sciences, physics, software, criminology, advertising design, and chemistry.

3. Psychological Test With Social Type

In addition to the intellectual type and the realistic type, there is also a psychological test with a social type. This type tends to have traits that are good at speaking, easy to get along with, responsible, have high verbal skills. In addition, this type always distances itself from solving problems in the intellectual.

Judging from its nature, this type has a personality that matches the field of work that has a helpful nature. And for majors that match this type are secretaries, counseling guidance, communication, psychology, or can be teachers.

4. Psychological Tests With Conventional Types

Fourth, the psychological test to determine the next college major is the conventional type. This type tends to be happy to serve, gives high value to a material and status, and often adapts itself to superiors in order to achieve goals.

Problem solving required in this type is only by needing a verbal and mathematical information process. As well as concrete and continuous. And in solving the problem it only takes a short time and not long. Majors that fit this type are economic statistics, programmer administration, and accounting.

5. Psychology Type With Enterprising Type

Finally, there is a psychological test to determine the major in college with the enterprising type. This type has a characteristic that is easy to adapt, has the ability to speak in various situations and has a great concern for power. Another characteristic of this type is having the ability to influence others and can direct them. Jobs that are suitable for this type are managers, chief executives in companies, traders or the like. And for majors in lectures that are suitable are international relations, management, communication, marketing communications and the like.

The above is an explanation of psychological tests to determine college majors that must be known. The conclusion is that before entering lectures, it is mandatory for prospective students to know their potential. If you already know your potential, you can immediately adjust it to the existing college majors so that in the future you will not regret making decisions.

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