5 Recommended Applications for Watching Anime Sub Indo Save Quota

It is rare to find anime films on television. No need to worry, now anime lovers can download the quota-saving indo sub anime watching application that is ready to entertain the audience. This application always updates the latest stories, so there are many choices of exciting shows ranging from series to movies that will be addictive.

Viewers no longer need to have trouble interpreting the anime spectacle conversations because there are Indonesian subtitles. The application can be easily downloaded on the Play Store. In addition, the application also provides other interesting features that will make the audience even more entertained. The following are recommendations for anime watching applications that provide quota-saving Indonesian subtitles:

1. Anime TV Indonesian Subtitles

This application made by KIKU Group provides various genres cartoon Interesting and exciting things ranging from animation, family, crime, and others are all presented complete with Indonesian translations. The anime films provided can also be selected according to the criteria.

The advantage of this quota-saving application for watching anime sub indo is that the download process is very fast. So, users don’t have to worry about an unstable internet connection. In addition, this application is Full HD quality, so this spectacle will not hurt the eyes. The acquisition of this 13 MB application reached more than 1 million downloads.


This quota-saving application for watching Indonesian sub anime does not only provide Korean drama viewing. However, various interesting anime shows are also provided in this application. Interestingly, this application offers subtitles from various languages ​​ranging from English, Vietnamese, Thai, and others. In addition, this application is claimed to save quota because the resolution can be changed to 360P or 240P.

The quality of the videos presented is still the best. Users enjoy watching this anime for free. This application is also available on Android devices to iPhone. IQIYI can be watched on four other streaming apps from Netflix to Catchplay. Not surprisingly, this 51 MB size application has received more than 10 million downloads.

3. Watch Anime Streaming Anime

The application for watching anime sub indo saves quota that should not be missed is Watching Anime Streaming Anime. Interestingly, this application has a cartoon collection of up to 28000 which is equipped with a super fast server connection. Not only free anime can be downloaded in this application, but users can enjoy the Online TV feature.

This application does provide a free service, so many ads appear and cannot be skipped and the duration is quite long. The size of this application is only 11 MB with downloads reaching 1 million downloads. Interested in enjoying this application service? Immediately download on Smartphone!

4. AnimeIndo

This 4.2 MB size application provides a collection of up to 3000 anime titles that viewers can enjoy. The advantage of this application made by Capitalism Development is that it offers a complete list of animations, updated anime information, to high-speed servers.

Users can also watch other interesting genres such as Donghua, live action, and others. Not surprisingly, the application, which was released in June 2020, received downloads reaching 1 million downloads. The rating given by users on this application is 3.9 MB.


This application offers a large collection of classic and latest anime that is interesting and fun to enjoy. Comes with a black and black page display, making this application suitable as an entertainment spectacle at night. The size of this application is only 9.9 MB and the download gain reaches 500 thousand downloads.

Those are 5 recommendations for this quota-saving indo sub anime watching application that are very exciting and entertaining. The anime collection presented is quite complete and there are many other interesting features that can be enjoyed from the application. I hope this helps!

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