5 Samsung cellphones for gaming with the best god specs


Samsung is arguably the smartphone brands the most popular in Indonesia. Brand It provides smartphones with various needs. Including one of the Samsung cellphones for gaming. For play activities games In this case, Samsung has prepared various products with god-level specifications.

Like 5 smartphone Samsung reviewed on the list below . These smartphone products are guaranteed to be able to process various types of data games. Even, games with a large resolution that is fairly heavy, it can be processed smoothly with this smartphone.

Here are some variants smartphone Samsung is the most suitable for playing games. Smartphones this is guaranteed to have the smoothing god specification games.

1. Free Space with Jumbo RAM Samsung Galaxy S10+

This Samsung product has the smallest RAM size variant of 8 GB and the largest is 12 GB. Of course, with a fairly jumbo RAM size, this is more than enough to process games heavy. Moreover, this large RAM is also accompanied by a powerful processor, namely the Exynos 9820.

Played games will be more comfortable and fun because display Samsung Galaxy S10 + which already uses AMOLED screen technology. In terms of design, smartphone It looks elegant and has a premium quality. Because having a wide screen will maximize the playing experience games the owners.

2. Gahar Middle Class Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A80 in the product line brand Samsung can indeed be said as a middle-class smartphone. However, don’t get me wrong, the engine and kitchen runway you have are more than enough to process games which is quite heavy. Chipset Complementing the Samsung Galaxy A80 is the Qualcomm Snapdragon from the 730G series.

Also, its Adreno 618 GPU will make the process rendering games will run smoother. Smartphone this one has a specialty in its design bezel-less in the screen area. Then the Samsung Galaxy A80 has advantages in a mechanical camera that can be rotated.

3. Satisfied Game Play with 7000 mAh Capacity, Samsung Galaxy M62

Samsung phones for gaming Next up is the Samsung Galaxy M62. Use smartphone this one is for activities gaming guaranteed to be satisfactory. How dissatisfied, if smartphone It has a battery capacity of up to 7000 mAh. It’s not just a big battery chipset that completes smartphone this is also no joke.

Having the Exynos 9825 chipset is definitely a machine smartphone this is fairly gahar if used to play games. This extra battery capacity is still equipped with a power saving system from smartphonehis. So, even if take advantage of played games in a long timea. The power can still last at least a day.

4. Sophisticated and Complete with Samsung Galaxy S21

Has a sophisticated processor, namely Exynos 2100 which has 5 nm fabrication, making smartphone this one is quite ideal to play games. When compared to other Exynos series fabrications, the work of chipset this is somewhat lighter. Make device power smartphone can last much longer.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is also equipped with a dynamic AMOLED screen technology. Refresh the rate of this smartphone reaches 120 Hz. It can ensure the speed refresh games smooth without lag. With a choice of 8 GB of internal RAM, there is enough space for users to install games heavy.

5. Affordable Gaming Mobile Samsung Galaxy M30

Have range the price is around 2 million, it turns out that the Samsung Galaxy M30 should not be doubted as a cellphone gaming. Has a kitchen runway Exynos 7904, smartphone it is capable enough to process games heavy.

In addition, a screen that has AMOLED technology with a FULLHD + resolution can maximize the gaming experience games its users. This is still accompanied by a fairly large battery capacity of 5000 mAh.

That’s 5 HP Samsung for Gaming which can be the user’s choice. Smartphones above has god specifications that are guaranteed to make the playing experience games the maximum.

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