5 Samsung phones under 3 million with the best Exynos chipset


Exynos is one product chipset manufactured directly by Samsung. To get smartphone equipped with chipset This Exynos. Apparently, potential buyers do not need to reach into their pockets too deep. There are several Samsung cellphones under 3 million that are already using chipset this.

Exynos will guarantee performance smartphone with its ARM technology base developed in several series. First use chipset This Exynos is limited to smartphone Samsung’s own output. However, some brand smartphone others have started to be interested in using Exynos like smartphone brands Vivo. The following are some Samsung cellphones that cost under 3 million and are already using chipset Exynos.

1. Samsung Galaxy A50 – IDR 2,950,000

Have a price under 3 million, smartphone This Samsung output is equipped with chipset Exynos 9610 with its 10 nm fabrication process. Smartphone this one can be an option to get an affordable cellphone but its performance is quite superior. Because, chipset Exynos used include mid-range chipset ARMv8 based.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy A50 makes smartphone This one looks elegant. It won’t be seen that smartphone from class middle range. other than that triple camera on the back and a resolution camera on the front. Make smartphone this one is quite reliable when it comes to photography and shooting features.

2. Samsung Galaxy M30S – Rp2,930,000

Samsung Galaxy M30S equipped chipset which is the same as the Samsung Galaxy A50, namely the Exynos 9610. The number of the fabrication process is the same, namely 10 nm. One of the advantages of smartphone this is a fairly jumbo battery capacity. The capacity itself can reach 5000 mAh in full condition.

This large capacity battery will guarantee power smartphone lasts even after all day use. In addition, a wide screen complete with high resolution and sharp. Guaranteed to make users more comfortable to use. Bringing technology triple camera on the back. The resolution of both the front and rear cameras is quite reliable.

3. Samsung Galaxy A20e – IDR 2,100,000

Samsung phones under 3 million with chipset The next Exynos is the Samsung Galaxy a20e. Chipset The Exynos 7884 used by the Samsung Galaxy A20e includes chipsett category middle range with ARMv8 base. Its performance is far more than enough to support daily activities.

other than that, smartphones this is still accompanied by other advantages such as the TFT technology panel screen which will make battery use even more efficient. To smartphone in its class, the Samsung Galaxy A20e has a fairly large battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh. In terms of price smartphone it’s also very affordable.

4. Samsung Galaxy M20 – IDR 2,500,000

Comes with a fairly jumbo battery capacity of 5000 mAh. The Samsung Galaxy M20 is also equipped with the Exynos 7904 in the chipsethis. Supported by 4 GB and 3 GB RAM sizes, it will be enough to guarantee performance smartphone this one.

The combination of TFT screen and FULL HD resolution display will make the screen display smartphone it’s still clear. However, it is more power efficient compared to smartphone others in the class.

5. Samsung Galaxy A12 – IDR 2,700,000

If the user is looking for smartphone which is focused on supporting the daily needs of the Samsung Galaxy A12 is the answer. A simple but still fashionable design with a variety of color choices, will facilitate the mobility of its users. Smartphone it also comes with chipset Exynos 850.

Chipset this is what gives the Samsung Galaxy A12 the ability to process games heavy. On the camera side, have a concept Quad Camera The deep resolution is enough to support daily photography activities.

That’s 5 mobile phone Samsung under 3 million already using chipset Exynos. Using 5 smartphone above, will provide a new user experience to the owners.

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