5 Success Tips Regarding How To Apply For Jobs At Jobstreet! What are they?


Many have failed when they applied for jobs at Jobstreet, this is because many are still confused about how to apply. Therefore, we will share successful tips on how to apply for jobs on this jobstreet.

If friends here experience a similar incident, then read this article to the end. because the information we provide regarding how to apply for a job at Jobstreet is very useful, especially for those of you who are looking for work.

What are the Success Tips Regarding How to Apply for a Job at Jobstreet?

how to apply for a job on jobstreet

With the many problems that occur, related to the failure of job applications in the Jobstreet application. Then we will give you some tips and how to apply for a job on this jobstreet. So, keep reading this article until the end!

1. Apply according to qualifications

When you apply for a job, what is the first thing you want? Is it a high salary or a trusted company that supports employee comfort? Just as you have certain standards, companies have them too.

Therefore, each published vacancy contains the applicant’s detailed requirements. Starting from age, educational background and other requirements. In order for your JobStreet application to be accepted, be sure to register with a locker according to your qualifications.

If you are a fresh graduate, don’t force yourself to apply for a job in a company that requires at least 2 years of experience. If forced to register, make sure the experience required by the Company is for a maximum of 1 year.

2. Salary Requests Must Also Be In Accordance With Company Standards

As a recent graduate, there are several things you need to pay attention to when applying the JobStreet application, especially salary. Unlike experienced applicants, recent graduate graduates are not advised to set high salaries. Especially if you don’t have any unique special skills or company needs.

For example if you register as customer service. Before setting a salary, find out how much CS pays in your city. It is even better if you pay according to the standards of the company you are applying for.

It is important for job applicants to explore as much information about the company as possible including the perks that employees get along with their salaries. Don’t let too high a salary discourage employers from glancing at your resume on JobStreet.

3. Create a Complete CV

Not only updating your resume regularly, it also ensures that the cover letter following the CV you upload contains complete information. How will the HRD team consider your application if the application you submitted is inactive?

From all the information contained in the resume, especially the HRD team will assess your educational background, work experience, and skills. Check again to make sure three important pieces of information are missing.

4. Create a Short Promotion that Describes Your Skills

One of the best features available on JobStreet is promotions. Take advantage of 300 characters to promote yourself as best you can before submitting a job application. Through this short promotion, the company will assess your quality as a job applicant.

So that your application is selected first by the company, for the promotion of words that are in accordance with the portion. Not so casual but not too over the top, try to be possible. Even though it’s trivial, ironically there are still many jobstreet applicants who keep this promotion box. So write an emergency promotional sentence.

5. Get High Score When Taking Jella

Despite living in Indonesia, mastering English is a plus point for the company. Especially if you apply for a job at a foreign company that requires a number of employees to be fluent in English. In JobStreetthere is a unique feature called Soot.

Take advantage of these features to get the best English score. The better alla score you have, which means your English skills are good. Employers place a higher value on your resume.

Conclusion and Closing!

how to apply for a job on jobstreet

So, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to apply for a job at Jobstreet? It’s quite simple isn’t it, practice it yourself.

If there may be a writing error or typo in a sentence, we apologize profusely, we promise to do our best to provide information to all of you.

However, don’t forget to share this article with friends, relatives, girlfriends, closest family or even family from far away, so that we will be more diligent and active in providing other interesting information to you.

Hopefully the information we provide regarding how to apply for a job at Jobstreet can be useful for friends and become additional knowledge for later life.

That’s all from us and thank you for reading this article. See you again in the next article! Bye-Bye.

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