5 Tips for a Cheap Vacation Abroad but Still Full of Memories


Vacation abroad is definitely everyone’s dream. Countries such as Europe, South Korea, Maldives to Greece are countries that are known to have exotic natural beauty and are very curious for anyone who has never visited.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people choose to be frugal in order to be able to save and collect money for visit countries that promise a variety of interesting panoramas ranging from cultural peculiarities, natural beauty to a variety of interesting entertainment that can be enjoyed country the.

Although vacationing abroad is synonymous with expensive costs, there’s nothing wrong with trying some of the following tips when planning to vacation abroad:

Visa-Free Overseas Vacation

When deciding on a vacation abroad, choose a tourist destination that provides convenience in the form of visa-free access, especially for passport holders from Indonesia. Because the visa processing process when deciding on a vacation abroad requires a long process and a short time, not to mention the possibility of rejection from the country you want to visit.

In addition, the cost to apply for a visa is also not small and even costs up to tens of millions of rupiah. Of course, this can be a waste, not even reaching the dream country has cost a lot of money.

Therefore, it is important to choose a country that frees visas for tourists from Indonesia, apart from being able to save more on visa processing, we also don’t have to worry about being rejected when you just land at the airport of the destination country.

Vacation Abroad During Low Season

Choosing a vacation time abroad during low season is also effective for saving expenses, especially in terms of transportation and accommodation. Because in the world of tourism, the tourism supporting industry sector also continues to adhere to the economic principle, namely the higher the demand, the higher the price. Well, this is of course also the opposite.

After all, choosing a vacation before or after the high season will not reduce the quality of your vacation abroad, especially if it is only to visit various iconic tourist objects or become country landmarks that do not require a certain time.

Promo Hunt

This method is the easiest way to vacation abroad at a low price. Hunting for airplane promo tickets to discounts on various accommodations can be a recommendation by adjusting your vacation schedule.

And, many airlines that enforce their plane tickets at promo prices, including lodging at vacation spots abroad, have also used promo strategies to discounts, especially during low season to increase the number of tourist visits.

Usually this attractive promo or discount ticket is held every year through various travel fair events that offer attractive prices and are far below the standard prices which are generally very expensive.

Hunting for Cheap Lodging

Before deciding on a vacation abroad, it’s also a good idea to hunt for cheap lodging in the country you want to visit. Or you can also choose homestays or hostels whose rates can be much cheaper than even three-star hotels, because when you are on vacation abroad the rates are much different from those in Indonesia, especially the currency exchange rate also tends to fluctuate so that it affects the rupiah exchange rate.

Currently, there are so many cheap lodgings that can be ordered online through the application with various attractive price offers and can be adjusted to your holiday budget while on vacation abroad.

Choosing Public Transportation and Walking

When traveling abroad, in general, developed tourist destinations have integrated public transportation, including areas that are popular tourist destinations, which are generally served by low-cost public transportation.

One of the most popular public transportations while on vacation abroad is the train, which has long trips with various destinations, including to various tourist destinations, which can also be served by rail public transportation, which is also relatively faster.

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