5 Tips for Cooking Spinach to Maintain Its Nutrients


One of the superior vegetables that contain many nutrients is spinach. However, you need to know that improper processing methods will make the nutrients in many bananas disappear. In order to maintain its nutrition, here are tips for cooking spinach that you can do.

Don’t Boil It More Than 4 Minutes

Spinach is rich in nutrients and has high antioxidants. So that the content is not lost, never boil the spinach for too long until 4 minutes passes, because it can damage the vitamins and minerals in the spinach itself.

Don’t Reheat Spinach

Processed spinach should be made in portions that are not too large, because this spinach can not be heated anymore. This is because it will damage the texture, taste and nutrients in spinach. This method is the recommended spinach cooking tips.

Heating spinach also causes iron to oxidize and turn into toxins. In addition, processed spinach should not be stored for too long, either in the open space or in the refrigerator. This is because it can cause the nitrite content to increase.

Use Stainless Steel Pans

The next tip for cooking spinach is to use the right pan. Pot with ingredients stainless steel better chosen to cook spinach or other types of vegetables.

This is because stainless steel pans are better than aluminum and iron pans. Pan stainless steel make the iron content in spinach is not damaged.

The next tip for cooking spinach is to turn on a high heat while sauteing the spinach. Do not be too long while sauteing, try only up to 2 minutes. In this way, it is hoped that the spinach will ripen quickly and still be fresh, and the nutrients will not be damaged.

Add a Little Salt when Cooking

Add table salt when processing spinach to preserve the color, taste, and nutrition of the spinach. The trick is to sprinkle salt when boiling or sauteing spinach. Adding salt to cooking will also make the food cook faster, so the spinach won’t be reheated for too long.

Those are some tips for cooking spinach that you can apply to maintain its nutritional content and freshness. Do these ways so as not to lose the high antioxidant content in spinach.


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