5 Tips to be Safe from Pickpockets while Traveling


Vacationing to various regions sometimes does not always provide a pleasant experience. There are also unpleasant things such as pickpocketing that can happen to anyone while traveling.

Generally, these pickpockets target visitors or traveler who are careless and seem to be carrying flashy valuables that invite pickpockets to take action.

Not only that, the perpetrators of pickpocketing are even able to choose victims who can be used as prey, not just waiting for their guard but also seeing tourists who are tired and look confused.

Safe Tips from Pickpockets

Well, to avoid the actions of criminals who can harm and make it difficult for anyone, it’s good to listen to a number of things tips The following is to be safe from pickpockets when traveling or traveling to popular tourist objects that are generally visited by tourists.

  1. Do not be careless

Generally, tourists when visiting a tourist attraction feel fascinated by the beauty of the tourist attraction so they want to explore its beauty, thus making them careless about their luggage and the possibility of pickpockets around the tourist attraction.

Acting casually by not showing the impression of being too impressed when visiting tourist attractions can be a powerful way to anticipate the possibility of criminals carrying out their actions. In addition, avoiding crowded spots or even jostling is equally important because pickpockets generally target places like this. Also keep an eye on your belongings when traveling.

  1. Keep Body Condition

A tired body after traveling long distances is also a potential target for criminal acts, including pickpockets. Because, tourists who are in a tired condition will be very clearly seen by criminals such as sleepy and look less enthusiastic will become easy prey for pickpockets.

Moreover, criminal acts are not just pickpockets but also snatching and hypnosis targeting visitors who are tired and unfocused when traveling.

Strive to always maintain body condition by getting more rest while at the inn and drinking lots of water, if necessary also take supplements before traveling so that the body stays fit while traveling or visiting tourist attractions.

  1. Save Valuables

Carrying a lot of valuables while traveling is obviously very dangerous and inefficient. Items such as jewelry, laptops and other equipment that are not directly related to travel should be stored at the hotel or entrusted to the hotel receptionist.

Because tourists who look conspicuous will obviously be the most easy targets for pickpockets, especially when highlighting various kinds of jewelry attached to the body such as bracelets or necklaces that will make you the main target of criminals.

After all, there is no point in wearing flashy jewelry, especially when traveling, besides being useless, the jewelry items used have the potential to be lost, such as falling or becoming targets for pickpockets.

  1. Not Storing Wallets, Cellphones in Bags

Backpacks are indeed the simplest way to store various items when traveling, but bags are also the main target for pickpockets. Generally, these pickpockets will use a razor to damage the bottom of the bag.

Usually these pickpockets will work in groups, some are tasked with distracting their victims and some are slashing tourists’ bags.

Therefore, it will be very risky to store valuables such as wallets, identity cards, and cellphones in the bag. It’s a good idea to keep your wallet in your front trouser pocket, including your cellphone, so it’s easy to reach and not easy to pickpocket.

  1. Carry a Backpack in Front

If you are forced to carry a backpack to store valuables, then always wear the backpack in front or on the chest so that it is easy to monitor and easier to reach, especially when you need items stored in the bag at any time.

By wearing a backpack on the front of the body, it will minimize the actions of a herd of pickpockets who have difficulty distracting their victims.

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