5 Tips to Improve Sleep Patterns that are Important for Health

Tips for Improving Sleep Patterns Sleep can keep the body healthy so that it remains optimal. Poor sleep patterns will have an impact on health. For that, here are 5 tips to improve sleep patterns for those of you who have sleep disorders.

Making a Consistent Sleep Schedule

The first tip to improve sleep patterns is to make a sleep schedule. For those of you who have trouble sleeping, it is recommended to make a good sleep routine. The normal duration of sleep at night is about 7-8 hours, so make it a bedtime routine every day.

Making a bedtime routine must be balanced with consistent implementation every day. You have to force yourself to regulate these sleeping habits. If you are used to it, going through the routine will be easy and have a positive effect on the body.

Paying attention to food and drink before bed

Foods and drinks consumed before bed affect your sleep patterns. You should avoid some foods and drinks that can interfere with sleep such as spicy and sour foods, coffee, tea, soft drinks, and the like.

Adjusting Room Lighting

Light that is too bright will cause you to have trouble sleeping. Try to reduce the light to a dimmer in order to improve sleep patterns.

Instead, turn on a bright light in the morning to wake you up early. Do not press the snooze button to increase sleep time in the morning because it will cause sleep patterns to be disturbed again.

Obeying the Nap Rules

The next tip to improve sleep patterns is to set nap hours. The ideal nap time is 20-30 minutes every day.

Napping for too long will cause you to have trouble sleeping at night so it will disrupt sleep patterns. Someone who adheres to the rules of napping well will be fitter and avoid various diseases.


Exercise will make the body fitter and can improve sleep quality. Doing exercise regularly in the morning is one way to improve your sleep pattern.

That’s a review of some tips to improve sleep patterns. For those of you who have slept and idealize the quality of sleep well, it never hurts to try these tips.

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