5 Trusted and Trusted Online Borrowing Applications

Loan terms on line Of course the flashlight is heard in the ears of the public. Companies compete with each other to provide loans on line with various attractive offers to attract customers. For those who are looking for a trusted online loan application, the following will provide complete information:

1. Smart Credit

Application This trusted online loan has been launched since 4 years ago. Although it is still relatively new, the existence of Smart Credit can no longer be doubted. More than 6 trillion of money has been lent to its customers. Its active customers have reached 400 thousand people.

Customers who want to make loans, please can apply for the desired nominal. The regulation is a minimum of 600 thousand rupiah and a maximum of 2.3 million. The problem with the payback period is of course different depending on the amount of money borrowed. Associated with guaranteed cheap interest because it does not reach 1%.

2. Julo

Julo has an older age compared to Kredit Pintar. The rest is only 1 year apart. The customers of this service have reached 100 thousand people, so that’s quite a lot. No need to worry if you want to use Julo because it is officially registered with OJK. There is a limit on borrowing through this application, which is around 2-8 million.

The interest provided is guaranteed to be cheaper than other online loan services, which is only 0.1% per day. The refund period is also quite long, namely 6 months. Anyone who chooses Julo as an online money loan partner will get a lot of profit because various attractive prizes can be obtained easily.

3. My cash

Borrow application on line This trusted company which has been established since 2014 has earned a place in the hearts of the people because it is able to provide large loans. Where, customers can borrow up to 20 million rupiah. Of course, the nominal is not small and there are not many loan services on line who dared to offer large loans.

The interest that will be given to each customer is around 3-4% per month. The installment period can be adjusted according to the amount of money borrowed. Usually, the period is 6 months to 20 months. This loan is certainly very helpful, so it’s a shame if it is not used.

4. Wise Fund

The trusted online loan application that provides money quickly is the Wise Fund. The maximum loan amount that can be taken over by customers is 3 million rupiah. The desired payback period is 1 month, so you have to pay it in installments regularly so it’s not too heavy. People who want to borrow money must meet certain conditions.

The conditions submitted must not be wrong so that the process of borrowing money on line can melt immediately. Some of the requirements are to have an ID card, be at least 21 years old, have an income above 1.6 million, and so on. These requirements are indeed not too difficult to fulfill so it is quite easy to make a loan in this application.

5. Go Credit

Go Credit is indeed provided to make it easier for customers who want to borrow money. This is proven by the fact that there is no need for the attached guarantee. This application can be accessed anywhere and has been supported with qualified quality. The issue of permits is also very safe because it has been directly supervised by OJK.

Those are some loan applications on line reliable that must be considered and taken into account. All the facilities that have been presented are able to help every community in getting loan money quickly. Make sure the attached requirements are appropriate so that the money can be disbursed faster.

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