5 Turkey Scholarship Facilities Without TOEFL and Requirements


Have you ever thought that there is a Turkish scholarship without TOEFL as a requirement? Because it really exists and is given specifically by the Turkish government. Of course, it becomes something fun for students who want to continue their studies in that country. The name of this scholarship is Turkiye Bursalari Scholarship. And here’s a complete explanation that can be listened to.

Facilities from Turkiye Bursalari Scholarship

Scholarships provided by Turkiye Bursalari Scholarship this full given to students who are studying S1 to S3. You don’t need a TOEFL certificate if you want to get it. But the certificate can be more value when attached. Students who receive this scholarship will be given the following facilities:

1. Accommodation Fee

One of the problems for students abroad is the cost of housing. Because it’s not a small number. But if you apply for a scholarship from Turkiye Bullslari Scholarship, this will not be a problem anymore. Because the cost to live in the hostel is fully covered. This applies to all universities in Turkey.

2. Tuition Fee

The cost to study in Turkey is of course quite large. Each course also has different costs. But now don’t make it a problem anymore. Because with a scholarship from Turkiye Bullslari Scholarship, all costs will be covered in full. No tuition fees are charged or free.

3. Health Cost

Being sick in another’s country is certainly not a pleasant thing. Apart from being far from home, the cost of treatment is definitely not as cheap as when in your own country. Especially if this is experienced by students. And to deal with the problem, Turkiye Bullslari Scholarship provide solutions. This scholarship also provides facilities in the form of special costs for health.

4. Travel Expenses

The Turkish scholarship without toefly given by the Turkish state government is indeed very complete. Not only college and health problems, but also travel costs. There are two kinds of tickets that are given free. The first is a departure ticket to Turkey. While the second is a return ticket after the study is completed.

5. Turkish Course

For all recipients scholarship Turkey without toefl in Turkiye Bullslari Scholarship will get a very interesting course program. For one year, these students can learn Turkish intensively. And what’s interesting here, this language course activity is free. All costs have been borne by the Turkish state government.

6. Monthly Allowance

As one of the Turkish scholarship providers without TOEFL, Turkiye Bullslari Scholarship provide facilities that are not half-assed. It can be said, students are exempted from all costs, including tuition. But beyond that there are other costs that are specifically given for daily living while in Turkey.

This allowance is given in different amounts for each level of study. The following is a breakdown of the allowances earned each month:

  • S1 (Undergraduate Program): 800 Turkish Lira or around IDR 1.5 million
  • S2 (Postgraduate Program): 110 TL (approximately IDR 2 million)
  • S3 (PhD Program): 1600 TL or equivalent to IDR 3 million

Requirements from Turkiye Bullslari Scholarship

Just like other scholarships, Turkiye Bullslari Scholarship also provides requirements in order to get it. The following are some of the conditions:

  • International citizens of all countries in the world
  • Previously, I had never received a scholarship from Turkiye Bullslari Scholarship
  • Not yet registered as a student from a university in Turkey
  • Have completed the previous level of education, both for those who took S1, S2 or S3
  • The age limit for S1 students is 21 years, S2 is 30 years, and S3 is a maximum of 35 years
  • Have an average grade of 75 for diplomas from previous education

Those are some of the facilities provided by Turkiye Bullslari Scholarship. Scholarship Turkey without TOEFL is one of the conveniences for those who want to study in that country. Of course there is no problem anymore if you study there. Because the Turkish government has provided the scholarship as long as all requirements are met.

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