5 Types of Modern Women’s Sandals that are Suitable for Eid!

When you want to choose contemporary women’s sandals for Eid, sometimes things are very confusing, especially now that there are so many different types and modes of materials.

In addition to having a fashionable and contemporary appearance, what needs to be considered is also the formality when used in certain events or activities, such as Eid.

But don’t worry, we will give you some tips regarding choosing the type shoe contemporary women’s sandals for Eid to make it even more stylish.

Types of Modern Women’s Sandals that are Suitable for Eid

modern women's sandals

When you want to choose shoes for Eid, women with hijabs are sometimes confused when they want to buy them.

There’s no need to bother anymore when choosing modern women’s sandals, because we will give you some tips about it.

Still curious right? If so, let’s take a look at the following reviews.

1. Flat Shoes

Of course, women are not foreign anymore, not with model variant of this type of shoe, because it always looks more fashionable when worn.

Starting from simple ones and also colors that are suitable for everyday use, this type of shoe can be used for Eid for women who wear the hijab.

2. Kitten Shoes

When using this type of model for the purposes of Eid for women who wear hijab. This type of shoe does seem more modern, but not tacky.

Choosing heels that are not too high, kitten shoes can maintain an appearance to make it look more formal and elegant.

3. Slip on Shoes

In order to maintain an appearance to look more fashionable and casual, as the name implies, women wearing hijabs who wear this type of shoes seem very simple.

Having a material that is designed to remain comfortable for walking, this type of shoe is perfect for hijab-wearing women who carry out their daily activities on campus.

Therefore, choose this type of contemporary women’s sandals for Eid in 2022.

4. Senakers

Choosing shoes for the next hijab-wearing woman is the type of sneakers. Because it has a simple pattern but still has an elegant style.

There are many brands of this type of shoe, besides that many also have closed types of shoes, so they are very suitable for wearing hijab women.

5. Sandals

If you look at the recent trend, sandals have become one of the favorites for students who wear the hijab to be used as a foothold to pick up knowledge on campus.

But don’t get me wrong, in fact these sandals are very suitable for women who wear hijab for Eid you know. In addition to its elegant appearance, how to use it is also simple and not complicated at all.

The final word!

Well, those are some ways to choose contemporary women’s sandals for Eid, of course they have a stylish and elegant appearance.

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Actually, there are still many to support appearance while on campus, but this time we only discuss matters related to the selection of shoes for Eid women with hijab.

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