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5 Types of Physical Exercises to Do Before Climbing a Mountain

Climbing a mountain requires strong and healthy physical readiness considering the steep mountain contours with incline with a steep slope so that it requires extra energy when starting this climbing activity.

In addition, the weight of the load carried in the carrier is also one of the factors that can make the process of climbing a mountain harder, therefore it is highly recommended to carry equipment according to needs with dimensions and sizes that are not too heavy so as not to become a burden during the climbing process.

Not doing thorough preparation like practice Physical activity to food supplies, climbing equipment to adequate medicines can also have an impact on the possibility of hypothermia, back pain to the lungs that feel like burning due to the climbing process that is carried out without proper preparation.

Training Preparation Before Climbing the Mountain

So when deciding to climb a mountain, it is better to do a number of physical preparations to special exercises so that mountain climbing activities do not lead to accidents but instead become a fun and healthy activity.

Here are 6 types of recommended physical exercise that can be done before climbing takes place;

Walking Exercise

Try a few days before climbing the mountain, to do walking exercises as far as 5 to 8 kilometers by looking for an exercise path with contours that are adjusted to the contours of the mountains you want to climb or you can find a path in the form of an incline by practicing for 30 minutes every day.

If possible, you can increase the distance traveled and the duration of the walking training time, including looking for a road that has a slightly steep incline so that when the mountain climbing process takes place you are better prepared to take mountain paths with various types of contours.

Squat Jump

The goal of this squat jump exercise is to strengthen the front and back thigh bones and hip bones so they don’t get tired easily during the climbing process.

This exercise will be very effective when encountering a hiking trail that has a groove in the form of a steep incline or descent, so that the foot support can be stronger without having to worry about cramping or even spraining.

Do this exercise regularly with the duration of the exercise time that continues to be added until when you are going to do the climb.

Step up

This step-up exercise aims to strengthen both the front and back thighs and the calves so that they are better able to withstand the weight of the body when traveling in the form of an incline.

This exercise process is ideally carried out a week before the climbing process takes place to get used to both legs to withstand heavy loads from the body as well as a carry-on backpack.

Generally, after this exercise is done, the climbing process becomes much easier, you also won’t get tired too quickly because your feet are used to being trained to support your body even with uphill terrain.

Shoulder Workout

The purpose of this exercise is to get used to the shoulders and upper back being able to withstand the weight of a carrier containing equipment and supplies when climbing a mountain which generally has a minimum capacity of 18 kilograms.

Do this exercise repeatedly every day so that when climbing, your shoulders and back are really ready and strong to support heavy loads even though climbing on uphill terrain though.

Extension Exercise

The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the back extension to be able to support the load and the body considering the climbing terrain is dominated by incline.

How to do the exercise is quite easy, lay your body on your stomach with your hands folded under your chin. Keep your feet and hips flat on the floor.

After that, lift your chin and chest slowly, don’t need to be too high but just hold your chin and chest for a few moments then lower slowly and do it repeatedly.

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