5 Types of Water Transportation Equipment in Indonesia and Never Time Out!


Because Indonesia is a country that is flanked by the sea, then as an archipelago we must know the types of water transportation.

This water transportation tool is commonly used by the general public to transport heavy goods to be sent either outside the island or between countries.

5 Types of Water Transportation Equipment in Indonesia

Water transportation

These water transportation facilities and infrastructure are very useful to help the community in crossing rivers or the sea. So what kind of transportation is it?

1. Canoe


Tool transportation Each of these traditional items is often used and is never even timeless, because its manufacture also does not require more costs.

Usually this canoe is used to transport merchandise for people who live on the river coast.

2. Raft/Get


Because in our society there were no bridges or crossings to cross between villages.

So, a raft was made to carry heavy goods, and it is even used to help school children cross the swift river.

3. Kora-Kora

Kora Kora

The Maluku Islands have their own ship called Kora-Kora, almost the same shape as a boat, but this water transportation tool is rarely used because there is already a pedestrian bridge.

4. Golekan Lete

Lete's Golekan

This golekan boat is a type of boat originating from Madura, usually has a beautiful ornamental motif, and the main symbol is a rooster.

5. Sandeq


This type of boat has an outrigger sail which is usually used for fishing.

Fishermen will use this means of transportation to catch or catch fish on the high seas.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, those are some types of sea transportation that exist in Indonesia and are never consumed by time, we as a society should be proud of the existence of such traditional transportation.

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