5 Universities in Germany that Provide the Best Scholarships


Germany is one of the destinations for those who want to continue their studies because there are many quality universities. But some people worry about the cost of living and college. Even though there are universities in Germany that provide full scholarships so that all costs will be covered, especially for international students. The following is a list of universities that provide such assistance:

1. University of Mannheim

University The first in Germany and providing assistance to its students is the University of Mannheim. Even his name is quite famous in Europe because it is included in the ranks of the highest ranking. The university has received many awards and has made several faculties get sponsors. One of which is the National Excellence Initiative.

What’s interesting about the University of Mannheim is its aesthetic location, which is in the Mannheim kingdom. Just a lecture hall close to the beautiful Rhine River. Students here should also be proud because this university provides several scholarships, including:

  • Vodafone Chancen Stipendium. That is a scholarship of 1000 euros per month and is intended for those who are pursuing an undergraduate study program. This scholarship is awarded in the first year of entry
  • The Graduation Scholarship. This scholarship is given to students who are taking final exams or completing theses and thesis.

2. Technische Universitaet Munich

The next university in Germany that provides scholarships that also provides assistance to students is TUM. Many scientists were born from this university. This is because TUM has an orientation in the field of teaching and research. University of Excellence is the title awarded by TUM and the first by a German university.

There are four kinds of assistance provided by TUM so that students can complete their studies easily. The assistance is:

  • Creditanstalt Foer Wiederaufbau. Namely loans for new batch students
  • Educational Loan. This type of loan is intended for students who are in the middle of the semester
  • Loan Semester Final. Loans specifically for final year students
  • Loan from Private Bank. Loans obtained from a bank

3. Rurh Universitaet Bochum

The next university in Germany that provides scholarships is Rurh Universitaet Bochum. This college offers all majors, both for undergraduate or postgraduate programs. While the more focused field is in research. RUB provides assistance to its students through its own foundation. The name of the foundation is Bildungs ​​Fonds der RUB.

4. Kiel University (CAV)

The university in Germany that provides this scholarship is one of the best because only 20,000 students can be accepted. Various majors are provided, ranging from agriculture, science, to education. Kiel University created a program in the form of special assistance given to students from outside the European Union, including:

  • Interim Financial Aid, namely assistance specifically for students who are not from European Union countries
  • University Endowments. The nature of this assistance is limited. So those who want to get it must register immediately
  • Student Parishes and Organizations. Aid issued by Protestant and Catholic parishes

5. Jacobs University of Breman

The best non-profit private university is Jacobs University of Breman. The university receives operational costs through sponsorship provided by the owner of the Jacobs coffee company. The assistance provided is limited. Students who want to get it are required to apply if they are actually accepted at this university. Some of the internal help available at JUB are:

  • Allowance (grants)
  • Scholarship
  • Deferred fees for college (tuition postponement)

That’s the list of Universities in Germany that provide scholarships full for those who want to continue their studies there. Studying in Germany is not impossible. Prospective students must diligently seek information about the scholarship. Especially regarding the destination university and what assistance is provided.

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