5 Ways to Change Android Application Icons Without Applications, Easy


Are you bored with the look homescreen just like that? Try to make it more interesting by watching how to replace icon android application without the following launcher application. So no need to worry WL will be slow which is usually caused by software launcher. For the steps to change the icon as desired, follow the explanation below:

1. Download Icon Pack

Actually how to change the android application icon without application very easy. users can take advantage of software launcher which is usually used to replace icon. Choice of apps launcher too much. But it turns out that these applications often make smartphone become slower. As an alternative, you should just download the X Icon Changer application. Software It is available on the Google Play Store and is free to download.

X Icon Changer has several advantages that are useful for users. This application is lighter in size than software launcher normally so it won’t slow down. In addition, the choice of icons provided is also diverse. Not only that, users smartphone android can also make it custom and as desired.

2. Install and Open X Icon Changer

If the download process is complete, install it immediately software X Icon Changer on device. This application has a size of only 10 MB so it will not take up a lot of storage space. And this is the reason why X Icon Changer was chosen over the launcher app. After the installation is complete, just open the application.

Users will be given an initial view of the X Icon Changer. On this page, the user can determine which applications they want to replace icon-his. Press the application that is already displayed below the text Please Choose an App. Or if you want to find another application, you can type its name in the column Search which is above.

3. Select the image you want to use as Icon

In how to replace icon android application without this launcher application, users will be given a variety of image choices. The images used icon has also been provided in the X Icon Changer. But users can also do their own customization. So that you can determine the image icon according to his wishes.

If you want to replace icon applications with images that are already available in X Icon Changer, then you can choose the menu Libraries. In this menu there will be many types of images available for free. But if you want to make your own or take pictures stored in the gallery, then choose the menu Photo or Apps.

4. Rename App

Apart from replacing icon application, how to change the android application icon without an application through the X Icon Changer also frees users smartphone android to change the name of the application. So that all appearances can be adjusted as desired. If you want to change it, make edits immediately and the name displayed at the bottom of the application will change.

That’s not all. X Icon Changer also has other features. If using help software In this case, users can add animations in the form of GIFs. And it sure makes icon application is more interesting and different than before. The users are free to do whatever customization they want.

5. See Results

When finished making settings, don’t forget to press the OK button. Then exit X Icon Changer and see the result on homescreen. How, sure icon application becomes more interesting right?

That’s the explanation of how to replace icon android app without launcher app. Only by making use of X Icon Changer, users smartphone Android can make settings and customize as desired. Icon the application becomes more interesting by adding animated GIFs.

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