5 Ways to Cook Beef So It Tenders Faster


Various processed foods made from beef such as beef soup to roast beef are very appetizing for anyone. This tender and savory beef when bitten requires a technique or method of cooking beef so that it is tender so that it is ready to be served and delicious to eat.

However, how to cook beef so that it is tender is not as easy as imagined, even if you don’t know how to process it, the beef will feel hard and chewy so it will be difficult to bite.

Method Cook So that beef is tender, it requires a special method or trick to process it, besides making the meat more feasible and soft to eat, processing beef that is appropriate will also save more on how to cook it.

Here are some ways to cook beef so it’s tender:

Using Papaya Leaves

The first way to cook beef so it’s tender, which is relatively more natural and has been done for a long time when it comes to processing beef, is to use papaya leaves. These leaves are used to wrap beef before cooking.

The enzymes present in papaya leaves are very effective in making beef tender simply by wrapping the meat after that leave it for 1 hour until the meat is really tender and ready to be processed.

Using Pineapple

Another way to make beef more tender is to use pineapple. The trick is to first smooth the pineapple then spread it all over the surface of the beef and leave it for 30-45 minutes until the beef texture is quite tender.

Similar to papaya leaves, pineapples are known to contain enzymes that are able to break down the protein in beef to turn it into a softer one so that it is ready to be processed into food.

Utilizing Room Temperature

If you don’t have papaya leaves or pineapple, you can also place the beef in the kitchen and leave it for up to 1 hour but try to keep the meat covered so that flies or dirt are not infested.

If the beef was previously stored in the freezer, you should remove it first and then store it outside the freezer, after 30 minutes then remove the meat from the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature for 1 hour.

Beef at room temperature will make the temperature that meets the surface of the meat more stable with a texture so that the inside of the beef will be soft by itself.

Cutting Beef Fibers Oppositely

Did you know, cutting or slicing beef or other types of red meat is also effective for making the protein in the meat more tender. The trick is to pay attention to the fibers on the surface of the meat and then slice it against the fiber line.

This method makes the texture of the fibers short so that the beef becomes more tender. Cutting beef fiber with technique opposite This direction can also make the texture of the meat easier to bite and chew.

Using Hot Steam

The last way to cook beef to make it more tender is to use hot water steam. How to process it is quite simple, just boil the meat in a pot with water that covers the entire surface of the meat then cover the pot tightly.

Boil for five minutes, after it is enough, leave the meat in the pan which is still tightly closed for about 30 minutes, if you feel you haven’t found the ideal texture to process, you can repeat this technique until you really find a soft surface of the meat. and ready to process.

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