5 Ways to Create a Strong But Easy to Remember Password


To obtain high security, someone usually creates a difficult password or password. However, it also has risks, because the passwords created will be difficult to remember. Here are some ways to create a strong and easy-to-remember password.

We recommend using a password manager

Using a password manager such as LastPass and 1Password will help you create long and secure passwords. Usually internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are equipped with the password manager feature.

Do a Stolen User Password Check

How to create a secure password in order to prevent password leaks or hacking, then you need to do a check. Google Password or Mozilla Firefox can show which passwords and email addresses have been hacked.

By taking these actions, users can immediately take action to change the old password to prevent data leakage.

Avoid Using Common Words

So that passwords are not easily guessed and hacked by others, avoid using passwords with common words. For example username, year of birth, address, pet and others. This is because it can be known by other people easily through personal social media.

Make Password Minimum 8 Characters

How to make a password with a very strong category, it should have 8 characters consisting of a combination of upper and lower alphabets, numbers and character symbols. Passphrases that are long and have various characters will definitely be difficult to guess for others who want to hack them.

Avoid Using Passwords That Have Been Used

Never use the same password for multiple accounts. If your password is hacked, it will be easier for the hacker to open another account using that password. We recommend modifying the password using a new and more unique suffix or prefix.

So, those are tips on how to create a strong password so that it is not easily hacked by others. To make it easier to remember you can create a privacy note or use a password reminder.


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