5 Ways to Determine the Best College Majors According to Interests and Talents

In a study conducted by researchers showed that 87 percent of students in Indonesia were in the wrong major. Of course, this is very surprising considering that many jobs are undertaken based on the chosen major. There are many ways to determine college majors according to interests and talents so that students do not choose the wrong major.

However, many people are confused about the interests and talents they have, so they cannot develop the talents they are born with. Majors chosen based on interests and talents will make students excited and enjoy the process. Here’s a surefire way to determine majors based on interests and talents:

1. Identify Hobbies and Things That Make You Curious and Interested

The first way to determine a college major according to your interests and talents is to know your hobbies and the things you are interested in doing. Hobbies can be a benchmark for choosing a major because doing activities they enjoy can make a person excited and find out more about their favorite hobbies.

This method can be done by writing down and formulating hobbies and things that make you curious and interested. For example, if you have an interest in drawing and writing, the majors you can choose include journalism, literature, communication science, graphic design, interior design, and others.

2. Know What Motivates You

If there is something that motivates you to do something in a certain field. So there is nothing wrong with choosing a major in that field. For example, when you watch inspiring films from successful entrepreneurs, there is motivation to become someone like these famous people.

From this inspiration, college majors according to interests and talents can be determined and dreams can come true. From now on, make sure the things you are interested in and want to master more deeply. In addition, the profession you want to achieve and things that make you motivated can also be written down.

3. Pay attention to the areas you control

How to determine a college major according to your interests and talents that should not be missed is to identify the field you master. Many people do not realize their potential and do not pay attention, so that potential does not develop.

Find out and record the good things that have been done, for example, there are people who are often relied on in terms of drawing, public speaking, or are often trusted to be treasurers in class. Ask people around and ask for their opinion, if you are not sure about the field that you really master.

4. Observe Academic Achievements That Have Been Achieved

If you are still confused about the field you master, try to determine how to choose a college major according to your interests and talents by observing the academic achievements that have been achieved at school. Find the subjects that get the best grades and are earned honestly. So, the value achieved can be used as a consideration for determining college majors.

Also, make a list of grades and assign grades in groups namely math, science, social, and language. Then, divide according to more detailed fields to determine the appropriate major. Already know your area of ​​expertise and are interested in learning? Read on for more information!

5. Expand Information About the Majors You Want To Go

The thing that is no less important is to multiply information about the majors to be addressed, starting from the study program, the skills needed, to the job prospects. This method is done in order to get an idea of ​​​​the lectures that will be undertaken later. In addition, this method is done to match their interests and talents.

That’s 5 ways to determine majors studying according to interests and talents that can be applied so as not to choose the wrong major. If you still don’t get an answer about the chosen major. Consult with a counseling guidance teacher so that the chosen college major is more focused. I hope this helps!

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