5 Ways to Eliminate Postage on Shopee! How Want To Try It Yourself?


For those of you who want to shop online, then it never hurts to try the shope marketplace. However, how do you get rid of postage at shopee if you want to buy a lot of items?

Therefore, we will discuss about how to remove postage at this shopee. Curious, right? Let’s see the review in the following article.

How to get rid of postage on Shopee?

how to remove postage on shopee

To discuss further about how to remove postage at shopee, then you must read this article to the end!

1. Use Voucher (free shipping)

Compared to other market platforms, Shopee is the most intense in providing promos (free shipping) to its users.

For those of you who often shop online at Shopee, you can use this voucher by placing the free shipping voucher quota available in your Shopee account.

2. Use Extra Free Shipping Voucher

You can also get free vouchers on postage via the “Ongkir Xtra gratis” voucher. The way to get this voucher is to open the Shopee application > Click “Me” > Click the icon that says “FREE Onkirt.

Then a free voucher for Xtra will be displayed which you can claim and use at checkout.

3. Pay with Shopeepay/Spaylater

Currently, Shopee is strongly promoting e-wallet (digital wallet) shopeepay services and spaylater installments.

As one of the promotional forms, shopping you can get free vouchers on postage if you use one of the payment methods when buying a product.

4. Buy (Free Shipping Voucher Package)

Another way that can be used for free shipping when shopping on Shopee is to purchase a “free shipping voucher”.

To buy it, how to open the Shopee application> Click “Me”> Click the icon that says “FREE Postage”> Click “All Free Shipping”> in the “Free Ongkir” Program” section, find the banner that says “Buy Package vouchers saver” and then click > Then buy offer “Rp.0 free shipping voucher package”.

5. Increase Shopee Loyalty

Shopee Loyalty is an award program given by Shopee to loyal customers.

By becoming a Shopee loyalty member, Shopee will provide several advantages, one of which is a free bonus on shipping costs.

Within the program itself, there are levels that include classic, silver, gold and platinum. The higher the level of the customer, the more benefits are obtained, including the amount of free bonuses.

Conclusion and Closing!

how to remove postage on shopee

So, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to remove postage at Shopee? It’s quite simple isn’t it, practice it yourself.

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