5 Ways to Fix a Dead Wet Battery So It Can Be Used


One of the risks of using battery wet on the vehicle is a risk battery dead. This problem occurs due to the inability of the battery to store electric current. How to fix battery wet, because this problem is actually very easy and can be quickly resolved. Vehicle owners do not need to panic in the face of it.

However, this problem also cannot be allowed to linger either. If the battery is left in a dead state for too long. battery will not be able to deliver the electricity needed by the vehicle components anymore. Therefore, the following is a discussion about repairing wet batteries that can be done by vehicle owners themselves.

1. Prepare the Tools Needed

Before going to the step for repair, of course, vehicle owners must know how to repair a dead wet battery, namely by preparing the necessary equipment. For this repair, vehicle owners need basic workshop tools.

In addition, vehicle owners also need a pipette, a knife that has been sharpened sharply, and battery chargers. For charging the battery, especially the wet type, car owners will also need USP magnesium sulfate and battery water. Don’t forget, prepare the main gloves made of rubber for safety during the work.

2. Removing the Wet Battery from the Machine

Once the tools mentioned above are ready, then move on to the repair steps. First of all, the vehicle owner must remove the wet battery from the engine first. Disconnect all cables connecting from the engine to the battery. Then, slowly lift the battery out of the machine. Place the battery on a flat and dry place. After that open the battery cover, because it is sealed use a sharp knife to open it.

3. Dispose of the Old Battery

How to fix battery The next wet thing that dies is to throw away the old battery water. The name, a wet battery must have liquid in it. It is natural, if the ability to conduct electricity from the battery water is reduced. Moreover, if used for a long time without frequent replacement. This is the most common cause. The reason why a wet battery dies and is difficult to conduct electricity again.

4. Prepare Battery Refill Liquid

After the inside of the battery has been emptied, the next way to repair a dead wet battery is that the vehicle owner can prepare new fluid to fill the battery. How to dissolve the USP magnesium sulfate pre-prepared with hot water. Then, mix the liquid in the battery water that has also been prepared.

Stir the two solutions, until finally well mixed. Use a pipette, to fill the wet battery cells with the liquid that has been made.

5. Recharge the Battery Battery

After the cells battery refill, use battery charger pre-set to recharge the battery. When recharging the battery, do not rush to close the wet battery again that has been opened.

It is better to charge the battery with the cover open. Because, air and hot temperatures can go out and enter freely. After charging the battery is complete, then close the wet battery again. Make sure everything is tight and secure before reassembling it as part of the engine.

That’s how to fix battery wet and does not conduct electricity. Although, it seems easy and can be done by the vehicle owner himself. It’s a good idea, to remain careful in doing this repair yourself.

Make sure the tools that have been prepared are complete before starting repairs. Use rubber footwear and gloves for safety and prevention of electrical conduction.

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