5 Ways to Overcome Engine Overheat in Cars


Car engine overheating is a condition where the engine temperature of the car exceeds its normal temperature. If this condition is left unchecked, it will cause severe damage to the car engine. If the car you are driving has this problem, here are ways to deal with engine overheating that you can apply.

Opening the Car’s Hood

When the temperature of the car engine is suddenly hot, immediately open the hood of the car to get rid of the heat. You can do this by using a small lever to open the hood and then lift it.

When opening the hood of a car, you should be careful not to let the lever touch the radiator, which could cause an electric shock.

Stop Driving the Car and Turn Off the Engine

When you notice the car engine is hot while monitoring the temperature needle, you should stop on the side of the road, then turn off the car engine. How to deal with engine overheating in this car is quite effective for you to apply. By turning off the car can prevent the car engine from being damaged.

Avoid opening the radiator cap when the engine is too hot

When you open the radiator cap when the temperature of the car is high, it will cause steam and high pressure water to gush out. Doing so can cause serious burns when in contact with the skin.

Perform a Water Supply Check on the Radiator

All cars must have a water reserve tube that is connected directly to the top of the radiator. This can make it easier for you to check the condition of the tube water is lacking or not. Add water to the radiator tube if the water volume has been greatly reduced.

The way to deal with the engine overheating this time is that you can add coolant to the top line position. Fill water when the engine is hot or you can wait for the engine to cool down first.

Check for Leaks In Cooling System

If the temperature of the car is hot, then immediately check the radiator, cylinder head near the gasket or engine block to check for leaks or not. If you feel you don’t understand it, then it’s best to take the car to the nearest repair shop to do a test on the cooling system.

If you have implemented the method to overcome the overheating of the engine above, but it still doesn’t work, then immediately call a mechanic. This is because, after all, mechanics are experienced people, so your car can get the right treatment.


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