6 Benefits of Investing in Magic that are Suitable for Beginners


Currently investing in on line in great demand, because it is easy and suitable for beginners. One investment on line The most popular is Magic. There are many reasons why Ajaib is so popular, from the easy registration process to the investment method that is suitable for beginners. Here are 6 advantages of investing in Magic that are suitable for beginners:

1. Easy and Fast Registration

The first advantage is that registration is easy and fast. The investment registration procedure at Ajaib is very simple, and not complicated at all. Users only need to fill out a registration process of approximately 5 pages. In addition to being simple, all investment registrations at Ajaib are done online, so it can be done anytime and anywhere.

Another advantage of the registration process at Ajaib is that users do not need to upload a lot of personal documents. Users only need to upload a photo of themselves, while holding an ID card. This is done to ensure that the personal data entered is genuine.

2. The Application is Easy to Use and Informative

The advantage of investing in Magic is that the app is easy to use, as well as informative. Magic provides many features, which will make it easier for users when investing. These features will also help beginners, who are new to investing.

Apart from being easy to use, the Magic app is also very informative. Magic provides a lot of information, both in the application and on the website. So if users are confused, users can look for information on the official Magic application and website.

3. No Minimum Investment Transaction Fee

There is no minimum transaction fee, which is an advantage of investing in the next Magic. Users can start investing from a very minimal amount, for example ten thousand rupiah. Of course this will greatly relieve users, especially for those who are just trying to invest. After understanding about investment transactions, users can start adding the number of transactions.

4. Notifications that are always updated and Real Time

The fourth advantage of investing in Magic is that users will get updated notifications, and also Real Time. So users will not miss any information regarding investment activities in the Magic application. Not only about transactions, Ajaib also provides information about investment news.

So the user’s insight about investment will be wider. The information is also useful to help users, especially beginners. So as not to miss information about investment transactions, which occur in the Magic application.

5. Low Transaction Fee

Another advantage is the low transaction fees. On some investment applications on line, users will be charged a fee every time they make a transaction. The transaction fees charged are quite large, and of course quite burdensome for users. But users don’t need to worry, this doesn’t happen in Ajaib.

Some transactions, such as mutual fund transactions, are not charged at all. Very profitable isn’t it? The money that was previously used for transaction fees can be allocated for investment.

6. Often Give Cashback

The last advantage is often giving Cashback. There aren’t many apps like Magic, which really delivers Cashback to its users. Cashback can be obtained when registering for the first time, or when making transactions. Usually the user will be asked to enter a code, from the previous Magic user.

Not a little, Cashback can be obtained up to ten thousand rupiah. Very good isn’t it? Cashback Users can enter these into deposits, to make stock transactions, or other types of investments.

That’s the advantage investment in Magic, which is beneficial for all its users. Not many apps offer this many advantages. So if users want to get abundant benefits and conveniences, then choose Magic.

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