6 Best Offline Music Apps for Android Today

Music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for many people. Not only because it is pleasant to hear, but music can relieve boredom so that it provides peace. To listen to music from a cellphone, users must use a music application. Here are the 6 best offline music apps for Android, so you can listen to music anytime:

1. Phonograph Music Player

First there’s Phonograph Music Player, the best offline music app for Android with a variety of customizations. This music app can customize the colors, and themes of the entire music player according to the user’s wishes. Another advantage of this application is that it can download various forms of music files.

To make it easier for users to search for songs, the following application provides a tag edit feature. The edit tag feature can be used by users to change the album name, artist, or song title.

2. Oto Music

Next is Oto Music, a music app offline very minimalistic. The minimalist concept makes this application easier to apply. So these apps are perfect for beginners, or users who just want to listen to music without making any edits.

Even though it’s minimalistic, that doesn’t mean this app doesn’t have advanced features. The first feature is a dark or light theme, which the user can choose from. Then the feature turns on music from Widgets, so you don’t have to bother opening the app. The last is the song lyrics feature, a feature that is very liked by music lovers.

3. Musicolet

Want a lightweight offline music app? Musicolet is the answer. Having a small size, this application will not take up the user’s Android cellphone memory. Although small, this application has a lot of cool features. The first feature is the music cover editing feature. Then the second feature is a feature to set the sleep time.

Lastly is the lyrics feature, which is the same as the previous app. This lyric feature is very helpful for listeners music, if you haven’t memorized the music too well. Users can simultaneously learn the meaning of music, by reading the lyrics.

4. Shuttle Player

Then there are the best offline music apps for Android, which are both easy to use and lightweight. The following applications are suitable for beginners in music, to those who understand music. Because the following applications have features that can change music to be more delicious. The features are Bass Boostand 6-Band Equalizer.

Not only that, the following applications also provide other useful features to make it easier for users. These features are editing music tags, folder explorer, Chromecast, and much more. Guaranteed the experience of listening to music will be even better, with this one application.

5. jetAudio Music Player HD

Fifth, there is the jetAudio Music Player HD application, the best offline music application for Android that can be accessed by the internet and is a favorite of many people. The following application can be considered as a complete package, because it provides various features. The first feature is the editing feature, so users can add Bass effects, Wideuntil Reverb into the music.

Another advantage of the following application is that it has 32 equalizer presets, which will add to the user experience in listening to music. The following applications can play almost all music files, so users can download songs freely.

6. Pixel Player

Lastly is Pixel Player, the music app offline lightweight with cool features. The features contained in the following applications are: 5-band equalizer, gapless playback, Bass effects, and many other features. Despite having cool features, this application has a small size. So it’s suitable for thin Android cellphone storage.

Those are the 6 best offline music apps for Android, which you can listen to anytime. Users do not have to bother thinking about the internet network, when they want to listen to music. Just download one of the apps above, and enjoy a seamless music listening experience.

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