6 College Majors That Are Suitable for Social Studies Children, Best Job Prospects


Social studies majors are mostly chosen by students who are less interested in arithmetic or science subjects. However, many IPS grade 12 high school students are confused about choosing a major when they want to go to college. In fact, there are many choices of college majors that are suitable for social studies students.

Many future jobs are chosen according to the majors chosen while in college. No need to worry, IPS graduates also have good job prospects with lucrative salaries. The following college majors for social studies students can be chosen while continuing their studies:

1. Department of Psychology

Psychology majors are chosen by students majoring in social studies. Interest in majors that study human behavior is very high in Indonesia. In addition, the job prospects of graduates majoring in Psychology are also quite varied, ranging from psychologists, researchers, HRD, counseling teachers, and others.

2. Journalism Department

Want to work as a broadcaster or creative team at a TV station? The Department of Journalism is suitable for students who have graduated from Social Sciences. The journalism department also has many enthusiasts because students majoring in journalism will learn many things, from writing, broadcasting, public speaking, and many more.

Journalism graduate students can take on many exciting, interesting, and challenging professions. Among them are broadcasters, journalists, content creators, and others. Not surprisingly, this department is never empty of enthusiasts, especially since the digital world is growing rapidly.

3. International Relations Department

Major studying which is suitable for social studies students who are most in demand and quite prestigious. Next is the major in International Relations. This study program is indeed interesting to study because students can gain broad insight about international issues, diplomacy, social studies, and others.

Students will be trained in how to communicate, diplomacy with foreigners, problem solving, critical thinking, and others. The job prospects of International Relations graduates are very promising with high salary offers as well, such as researchers, diplomats, consultants, ambassadors, and others.

4. Department of Business and Management

This college major, which is suitable for Ips students, is never empty of enthusiasts because there is a lot of business knowledge that can be learned and the job prospects are very bright. Students of this major will learn interesting things about finance, the world of entrepreneurship, economics, and much more. Graduates of this major can undergo various professions such as business people, accountants, taxation, managers, and others. Interesting right?

5. Law Department

This college major, which is suitable for social studies students, is the most popular study program in the Social and Social Sciences group. Students majoring in law will be involved with memorizing articles, debates, critical thinking and others. In addition, law graduates must have good memory skills and are required to remember many things such as names, dates, important events, and others.

Students must also be observant in reading cases, doing research, and being able to examine each case. No need to worry, the prospect of working in the legal field is very bright. Graduates of this department can work as prosecutors, notaries, judges, lawyers, diplomats, and others.

6. Department of Political Science

Interested in becoming a politician? Please enter the department of political science. Many things are learned from this department, including students who will explore sociology, anthropology, and foreign policy. These graduate students can have careers as researchers, lecturers, political analysts, and others.

Those are 6 college majors that are suitable for social studies students who are confused about choosing a study program to continue their education at the tertiary level. There are many majors that can be chosen by Social Studies graduates and have bright job prospects. Think carefully about the major you will choose after graduation so you don’t choose the wrong major. I hope this helps!

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