6 Effective Learning Methods to Quickly Understand


A good way of learning greatly affects the success of students in understanding each subject matter presented. As is known, learning is the main obligation for all students.

Good learning is how to learn that can produce development knowledge, attitude and or skills.

Many students have methods of learning that they consider ideal for themselves that are adapted to them character and their preferences in order to more quickly understand the subject matter to be studied.

For example, there are students who understand each subject more quickly, if while snacking. Or there are also students who can better understand the subject matter if they study while lying down. Or various other methods of learning that are tailored to the characteristics of each student.

Determining the Appropriate Way of Learning

Determining the appropriate way of learning, especially when studying at home generally requires a high will, because generally students tend to be more lazy to study when they are at home, in fact there are some other students who prefer to postpone their studies and think that only schools can be a place to learn.

Therefore, it takes great will, intention and consistency for students to be able to start learning each subject matter presented, remember the correct way of learning is to understand the subject matter instead of memorizing the subject matter. Here are 7 recommended ways of learning so that students can understand the subject matter more quickly:

Building a Comfortable Atmosphere

The first way of learning is to build a comfortable learning atmosphere. There are many ways to wake up the learning mood, for example: you can study while listening to music, study in comfortable places such as in a park, or in an air-conditioned room.

Start Summarizing the Essence of the Study Material

Summarizing the subject matter of learning is equally important as an effective learning method. Because if you read 1 book it will take a very long time to finish. Take the gist of the student. This will make it easier to remember and also easy to understand the essence of the learning

Study Group

The group learning method as a way of learning is often said to be the most effective method because in a relaxed group learning atmosphere, the brain becomes more relaxed in accepting the material to be absorbed. In addition, things that are not yet known will be easier to solve by working together. So it is highly recommended to study together to face the exam.

Modifying the Essence of Matter by Making It Resemble the Name of Something

This method is used for some people who have difficulty in memorizing by using almost similar names to remember the material. It is very effective to use and the brain is very easy to remember.

Learn as well as Practice

Learning by doing is a very effective learning method. This way of learning will also make you not feel bored. For example, science lessons such as Botany or Invertebrates, you can learn while observing plants, animals or whatever, with that you can make a learning event more fun.

It doesn’t take long as long as it’s routine

With a study routine you will find it easier to remember what you have learned. By getting used to or making a special schedule for studying as a learning method, you will get used to it and understand the lesson faster. It doesn’t take long, just allocate time for example 45 minutes a day when you are at home specifically to study.

Remember the lesson is to be understood, not memorized. Actually it’s not wrong it’s just that it feels less effective. To be more effective is to understand the theory so that we will automatically remember it during the exam. If you are still in the method of learning by rote, it is highly recommended to switch to the method of understanding the material.


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