6 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Hard Drive to an SSD


In 2021, you are still using a hard disk bro?!, well, it’s outdated!!!.

et joke,

Even though now is the era of SSDs, it doesn’t mean that hard drives are bad or outdated, yes, hard drives are still good. But when compared to SSD, it must be admitted that SSD performance is much better than hard disk.

Well in this article will give some reasons why you should replace Harddisk Laptop or PC with SSD.

Reasons Why You Have to Change HDD to SSD

1. Harddisk Loses Start from SSD

When you compare the performance between a hard drive and an SSD, it’s very different, when the boot process or turning on the laptop looks very different. A laptop that uses a hard drive when turned on takes more than 10 seconds to enter windows.

Meanwhile, those who use an SSD for less than 5 seconds have entered Windows. This is because the SSD technology is already above the HDD.

2. SSD is not noisy when the laptop is on

Have you ever heard a voice?”ssssyyyytttttt“Like the rotation of a disc when turning on a laptop?, well if ever it was the sound produced from the rotation of the hard drive. It’s a different story if the laptop uses an SSD, it won’t be that noisy.

The reason is that the SSD uses a memory chip in it, so that when it is active it is not noisy, while the HDD is still using a disk, then automatically when it is turned on it will spin, and produce a fairly noisy sound.

3. Lighter Because It’s Smaller

The SSD size is relatively smaller than the hard disk, so you could say 20% smaller than the hard disk, so the SSD is not as heavy as the HDD. Of course, the use of an SSD will lighten your load when carrying a laptop everywhere.

4. Impact Resistant SSD

This case usually occurs in the school environment, usually students like to run because they want to go to class quickly. Even though in the bag there is a laptop, if you are still using the hard drive it will be prone to bumps, and the components are damaged.

Meanwhile, if the SSD is much more secure and durable.

5. Don’t Make Emotions

Have you ever, when you want to open a slow application, ask forgiveness? Well, maybe that’s because you’re still using the hard drive, whereas if you’re using an SSD it won’t happen.

Yes, at least, it will be much faster when opening heavy applications, such as video editing, photoshop, browsers, or other heavy applications.

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6. Small Size But Powerful

With money IDR 500,000 we can get 1 SSD with a size of 124 Gb (depending on the brand), or Harddisk with a size of 500 GB to 1 TB.

But even though the SSD is only 124 GB, it is much faster in the boot process than the Harddisk which is almost 1 TB in size. Due to the chip technology used by this SSD.

Well, at least that’s 6 reasons that can make you to immediately switch from Harddisk to SSD. Yes, you don’t have to hurry, just adjust it to your needs.


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