6 Steps to Convert Credit to Funds with Applications


The development of digital technology has made it easier for the community, one of which is converting credit to funds. In the past, this was considered an impossible thing, but now everything can be done easily.

However, in the process of converting credit to Fund, users must go through the help of third-party applications but still ensure the security and ease of carrying out the transaction process.

In principle, convert credit to Dana as an application digital wallet The most popular activity in Indonesia is a normal transaction activity, especially when the user is in a sudden need.

Converting credit to funds means changing the nominal credit or credit balance on the smartphone SIM card into digital money that can be used for shopping either directly or indirectly.

Convert, which can be interpreted as conversion, is indeed more of a transfer of cellphone credit into digital money to be stored in the Dana digital wallet.

Advantages of Converting Credit to Funds

Dana is one of the most widely used digital wallets and offers various benefits to its users. If you are a fund account owner, then exchanging credit to a Fund balance is a good decision.

You can use the balance in the fund application to make payments at merchants who have collaborated with cashless funds. There are many interesting promos that you can enjoy at Dana. You also have the opportunity to get vouchers to pay bills for water, internet, telephone, BPJS, installments, insurance, and other types of payments.

Convert Credit to Funds with the Application

Exchanging credit and converting credit to Dana can be easily done with the help of an application. One of the applications that serves the activity of converting credit to funds that you can use on by Pulsa. If you want to use this service, you must first have a Dana account.

So that the credit you convert to funds can enter your account. Of course, you will be able to feel various benefits when using Dana.

Convert Credit to Funds with By Credit

By Pulsa is a service application for converting credit or exchanging credit to Funds where your unused credit or even excess proceeds from cashback, bonuses, gifts or other halal sources, you can convert into money or fund balances including being converted to other digital wallets.

To convert credit to balance funds, you can use the trusted credit convert service at by Pulsa. Thus, you can use the credit for shopping when it has become a Dana digital wallet.

How to Convert Credit via By Credit

To convert credit to balance in the Dana application with the By Pulsa application, the method is quite easy and practical, here are the guidelines:

  • Install the by Pulsa application on your smartphone, on the PlayStore / AppStore / directly to WhatsApp CS by Pulsa
  • Login with your google me, so that at any time there are problems you can complain and get fast service.
  • Select the menu according to your SIM card provider in the application, then enter your nominal data, number and your Fund number to receive the balance.
  • CS By Pulsa will immediately carry out the guiding process to convert credit.
  • When the credit you convert has entered the By Pulsa server number, the Fund balance will immediately and automatically be filled and confirmed to the By Pulsa application user via WhatsApp.
  • And, the credit that you have converted has been turned into money in the Dana application

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