6 Tips for those of you who want to improve yourself

6 Tips to improve yourself – Quality Self is a value, attitude, character, way of thinking as well as a person’s habits.

Quality people are seen as people who have demonstrated the ability to expand
environment, to live the situation to be able to
communicate warmly, accept himself as
existence, perceive the environment realistically, perceive
himself objectively, and adhering to the view of life
in full. These characteristics are possessed by humans who have
mature (mature).

quality human
is a person who has been able to balance the impulses that exist within him, so that it is realized
harmonious behavior. He is able to relate to
environment, able to create a safe atmosphere and
harmonious. He is not aggressive, does not isolate himself from
environment, and his life does not depend on

Quality humans are healthy humans who
have the following characteristics: (a) open themselves to
accept other people’s ideas; (b) care for oneself, others and the environment; (c) creative; (d) able to work
deliver results (productive); and (e) able to make love.

From the opinions above, we can conclude that quality humans include a complete personality (integrated personality), personality
healthy one (healthy personality), normal personality
(normal personality)

1. Can control yourself well

2. Have self-confidence

3. It’s not easy to get carried away with negative comments

4. Can accept one’s own situation

5. Consistent and responsible

6. Want to get out of your comfort zone

7. Have skills and passion

8. Want to learn new things

9. Willing to accept suggestions and criticism

10. Have good morals

A great person will definitely continue to try to improve his quality even though he is already at the highest career, someone who is successful will not be easily satisfied with himself.

By continuing to develop and learn, a person will have good self and personal qualities, of course, by having good self quality, a person will more easily reach his goals and dreams in the future.

Look for your strengths and weaknesses

Every human being has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Try to improve and develop the strengths you have to be better and don’t forget to improve your weaknesses little by little, try to accept the situation gracefully so that you become more mature.

Start developing and improving skills and passion

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert in all areas but surely you have one area of ​​your expertise that you can excel at and keep improving.

Look for skills and passions that you like and are interested in, to make it easier for you to develop them.

Focusing on one skill with optimal results is much better than having several skills but the results are messy.

Consistency is the key

according to Reza M. Syarif (2005), meaning consistent is the attitude of focusing on one field and will not move to another field until the foundation of the first field is really strong.

Try to be consistent and take responsibility for something, enjoying the process is one of the keys to success, nothing is instant if you want to get better.

Focus on your goals and always be humble

Make planning goals, your goals for the future and make your goals a spirit if you start to be lazy to reach your dreams.

If you have reached your goal, don’t be busy being proud because in all your steps there is a role from your god too. Don’t be complacent and keep learning.

Avoid toxic and negative environment

A toxic environment is an environment that can bring a person into a bad and negative influence.

A negative environment can indirectly affect a person’s attitude, personality, way of thinking to be negative in accordance with his environment.

Therefore, try not to be in a negative environment, whether it be an environment of friends, work or even a family environment.

Keep learning and looking for new things

Keep learning so that your quality improves, you can start with the easiest way, namely by reading books.

Start setting aside money to buy books that can help you improve yourself.

You can also learn from someone who might be a motivation for you to further improve yourself.

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