6 Ways to Change Shipping Services on Lazada Seller, How Easy!


When you want to buy goods at an online store, you also need to pay attention to the shipping service. Therefore, we will provide an explanation regarding how to change the delivery service at Lazada seller.

Lazada is one of the most well-known marketplaces and there are also some interesting offers, such as free shipping and shopping vouchers that provide discounts.

Before discussing how to change the delivery service on the Lazada application further, we will first discuss the benefits of arranging delivery services at the Lazada center, what are the benefits?

Benefits of Arranging Delivery Services at Lazada Seller Center!

how to change shipping service on lazada seller

As a professional Lazada seller, you need to know that arranging delivery services is very important for the continuity of your online business on Lazada.

  • To Determine Shipping Rates

You can determine shipping costs for your customers easily and accurately. Shipping rates that apply to the shipping services available on Lazada vary. So, so that customers don’t pay the wrong order along with shipping costs, you need to arrange a delivery service at the Lazada Seller Center.

  • Attract More Potential Buyers

The next benefit is that you can provide the best service to your prospective customers. If you provide multiple shipping services, the chances of you getting more buyers will increase, you know. You can activate the three delivery services available on Lazada, namely economy, same day, and instant.

By specifying the delivery service you want to use for your store, you can also easily track the delivery of packages to your customers. If the package is tracked by checking the LAZADA receipt via the shipping service website, the package delivery will be safer.

However, if there are still confusion regarding how to change the delivery service at this Lazada seller. That’s why we’ve summarized it for you to read for yourself, so you don’t get confused anymore.

How do I change the delivery service on Lazada Seller?

how to change shipping service on lazada seller

If the friends here are still confused about how to change the delivery service on lazada seller? So read on until the end of this article, OK!

  1. The first step you have to do is open the Lazada application via smartphone
  2. On the main screen, you can simply select the account menu
  3. Then just select the settings menu
  4. The next step is simply to click on account information, then fill in the account information details from your personal data correctly
  5. Then click Add New Address, fill in the new address correctly
  6. If it has been filled with Banar then please save and excess the main shipping address

Conclusion and Closing!

So, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to change the delivery service on Lazada seller? It’s quite simple isn’t it, practice it yourself.

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