6 Ways to Change the Language in the Gojek Application! Check out the full explanation Come on!


Gojek is an online motorcycle taxi application that is quite well known in Indonesia, many people use this service to travel or for daily needs. However, there are still people who are confused about how to change the language in the Gojek application.

For that reason, we have researched and summarized it for all of you here. So here is a brief explanation regarding how to change the language in the Gojek application. Check out the explanation!

How to change the language in the Gojek application?

how to change language in gojek app

Basically how to change language in application Gojek is already located in the settings menu. But if you want to change the language yourself, that’s up to you all. Here are the ways:

  1. First, please log in to the Gojek application using the registered number or email.
  2. After the main menu appears, please press the profile icon at the top right.
  3. Your profile appears, to change English to Indonesian, please press Change language
  4. English, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese appeared. Select Indonesian (ID)
  5. Confirm the language change on Gojek by pressing OK
  6. How to change the language on Gojek to Indonesia has been successfully done

However, there are some smartphones that cannot be changed in the same way as above. However, you don’t need to worry anymore, because we will provide some tips below.

How to Change the Gojek Application Language on a Smartphone

how to change language in gojek app

After knowing how to change the language on Gojek, indeed some smartphones have not changed. This is affected by the default language setting, you should change it to Indonesian so gurnject can automatically follow it.

Each smartphone will have a user interface with a default language according to the marketing region. Since in Indonesia most of the existing mobile phones have Android and iOS operating system, we will give them a way below.


To be able to change the language on Android, you need to access the available settings menu. Indeed, the majority of Indonesians use Android OS, but considering the different user interfaces, please find the settings menu as follows.

  • Please enter settings
  • Proceed to system menu
  • Then after new page appears in language & input
  • Continue selecting language
  • Choose Indonesia
  • press OK


As for iOS users, the way to change the language for all iPhone series is the same. Unlike Android, iOS only came out in Apple products so the user interface looks the same. Likewise with the settings menu, the same as below.

  • Go to settings
  • General Press
  • Select Language & Region
  • Tap Device Language
  • Choose Indonesian
  • Confirm Selection by pressing Change to Indonesian.

Conclusion and Closing!

So, that’s a complete explanation regarding how to change the language in the Gojek application? It’s quite simple isn’t it, practice it yourself.

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