6 Ways to Promote on IG Story to Attract Customers


Instagram is not only a platform to share certain moments, but can also be used as a means to market the business being undertaken. One of them is by taking advantage of the features story. To make the most of it, follow the 6 ways of promotion on IG story which is described below. After that, earn profits with customers who keep coming.

1. Create an Attractive Design

One of the surefire tricks so that the product is known by consumers is to make it in an attractive design. Moreover, uploaded via IG stories. If the design is fake, that’s for sure story just passed unread. So, first think about how the content is right and possible to make people want to read what is written on it story the.

But for sure, business owners must know the rules story on Instagram. Because only the 9:16 aspect ratio or 1080 x 1920 size can make it look clear. If it’s in the form of a photo, then make it unique by arranging it in the form of a slide by slide. If it’s a video, make sure it doesn’t exceed 15 seconds.

2. Take advantage of the available stickers

In instagram story Various stickers are available that can support the promotion process. Some of them are locations and links to redirect to certain pages. If you want to build communication with customers, you can use stickers in the form of quiz or poll. Every now and then, ask questions about product details by using the Q & A sticker.

3. Wear it hashtags right

Maybe this is often taken for granted. even though hashtags can be a determining factor in the content seen by others. Because many users are looking for information just by searching through hashtags without knowing the account name. So, use hashtags that are viral and in accordance with the product being marketed. Or you can also use location tags.

4. Save IG Story in the Spotlight

Another feature on Instagram is highlights listed in the user profile. The highlight contains story previously uploaded. So, to make it easier for customers to find information, save it story in the spotlight. Highlights This can contain detailed information, location, how to order, attractive promos, or testimonials from consumers.

5. Give Discounts and Promos

The most popular with consumers is when there are discounts and attractive promos. So, occasionally give discounts on certain days. When designing images, make the discount and promo texts larger in size. So when you see it for the first time, consumers will immediately be drawn to that purpose. If interested, will definitely place an order.

6. Create Instagram Ads Story

How to promote on IG story The next step is to create a special ad. This feature is specifically for business owners to make marketing easier. If you take advantage of this feature, then story will appear with the display fullscreen. Here are the steps to make it:

  • Open the Ads Manager feature and click on the Create button
  • Define customer goals that have been previously set targets markethis
  • After that write down the details of the campaign
  • When at the placement level, you can select Automatic Placements. But if you want to do it manually, then check the column stories which is located under Instagram
  • Don’t forget to set a budget and schedule for ad serving on story
  • Then you can choose the appearance of the ads that are displayed. It can be a single image or video. And some are in the form of carousel
  • Add photos or videos of products that have been taken
  • Complete detailed information
  • Finish by pressing the Confirm button. If you want to preview, then you can choose the preview menu
  • Then in the options menu, tap on Instagram Stories

That’s 6 ways promotion on IG story which can be tried to better introduce the product. Each of the features provided can be utilized so that the content created is of high quality and attractive, so that the number of subscribers will increase. It’s even better if you use Instagram’s advertising features stories.

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