6 Ways to Save Gold Bars, Make Big Profits


Gold bullion is often used as a savings tool because its value continues to rise and tends to be stable. In addition, saving gold bullion can also be done with a small nominal. Interestingly, gold bars can also be used as collateral to be pawned. No need to worry, how to save gold bullion is very easy, even beginners can apply.

Gold bullion savings are suitable for investing because of the many benefits that can be obtained. People’s enthusiasm for saving gold bullion is also getting higher because it is guaranteed to be safe and provides more benefits than other investments. Here’s information on how to invest or save gold bullion:

1. Directly Come to the Gold Shop

The easiest and classic way to save gold bullion is to buy gold at the nearest gold shop from where you live. If you already have enough funds, go to a store that has been trusted by many people, such as PT Antam and Pegadaian

In addition, if you want to save gold, choose gold bars are not gold jewelry, unless they are used to enhance appearance. Although classic, but this method has many benefits. Starting from the buyer can find out the options and price variations, can consult about gold bars, and others.

2. Store Gold in a Safe Place

It is no less important when saving gold bullion is to store it in a safe place. Given the current conditions, it is vulnerable to criminal acts. If you store it at home, store it in a safety box to make it safer.

However, if you are still worried, you can save it in the Safe Deposit Box (SDB) provided by the bank. SDB can also be used to store gold, and other certificates. Please note, to store gold bullion in SDB will cost more.

3. Gold Savings for Business Capital

The pawn system is a system that is still popular today. Many people have gold bars, if the price soars, then the gold will be pawned and used as business capital. This way of saving gold bullion is okay, but you have to be prepared with all the risks, if the business goes bankrupt, the gold will also disappear or decrease. On the other hand, if the business you run is progressing, the amount of gold you own will increase.

4. Monitor Gold Prices Periodically

The next way to save gold bullion is that savers must often monitor the price of gold bullion because even though the price tends to rise, the price of gold can also go down. The price of gold can soar, so if you decide to sell it, you can even get it, and the profits can be many times over. However, saving gold bullion is a long-term investment.

5. Buying Gold Bars Arisan System

This method is often done by mothers, namely the social gathering system. Besides aiming to stay in touch, this activity can also reap financial benefits. The trick, social gathering is done simultaneously with friends. If all the funds have been collected, then you can buy gold bullion and the lottery is carried out in rotation. Simple and easy, right?

6. Focus on the Future

Saving does generate profits. However, to do so requires consistency and patience, especially gold bar savings which are usually over 5 years. Stay focused on saving for the future.

Moreover, saving is not done to reap profits in an instant and fast way. This method requires perseverance, thus the results obtained are many times over. Interested in saving gold bullion?

Those are 6 ways to save gold bullion that can be applied easily by beginners. Gold is indeed a favorite of many people because the profits are large and the price tends to be stable and rising. I hope this helps!

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