7 Easy and Free PC Video Editor Applications Without Watermark!


Social media that continues to grow, as well as the content that is presented, of course, must follow the development and needs of its audience. Therefore, now various video applications that are used for editing are needed. Some people might be looking for the app editor PC videos without watermark for the need to be uploaded to social media.

Every social media user certainly has the desired editing concept and may also be adapted to demand followers. In addition, for new users who are still pioneering to create content, of course, they need an application editing which is free. Well this time there will be seven application recommendations editor PC videos without watermark which will help include:

1. Video Studio Corel

The first recommendation of the app editor PC videos without watermark is Corel Video which is also known as an application for editing photos. In terms of display design, it is quite simple and users can adapt quickly. This is because the menu on the Corel Video feature is easy to find and has an explanation in writing as well.

2. Movie Maker Windows

It’s an app editor PC videos without watermark this seems familiar to the ear because it has a fairly successful version of Android. The specialty of Movie Maker for PC is that it provides menus with text instead of symbols. Therefore, it will help users who are just trying or learning to edit videos. Plus its use is suitable for any operating system.

3. CyberLink PowerDirector

The next application that might not be too foreign is CyberLink’s PowerDirector which has a variety of features ranging from speeding up to trimming videos. It looks like this application will be suitable for users who have laptops loading old or lola. The reason is CyberLink PowerDirector is lighter than applications that have similar functions.

4. Adobe Premiere Pro

Who doesn’t know Adobe, which is present on every computer or laptop, especially for the Windows operating system. It’s usually editor professionals use it because there are quite a lot of hidden special features. However, for beginners who haven’t been in the world for long editing can also try it. The final downloadable output is also high resolution.

5. PC Video Editor Application Without Watermark Named Studio Pinnacle

Switch to application a video editor that is friendly for beginners and has a simple interface and is very easy to learn, namely Pinnacle Studio. On the other hand, this application is no less competitive in terms of the features it has compared to other applications editing video on another computer. In addition, the creativity of the users can also be done in Pinnacle Studio.

6. AVS Video Editor

For users who have problems with their computer specifications to download several applications before, maybe they can try this one. AVS Video Editor is a more compatible application for other operating systems or PC specifications. In addition, there is a unique feature, namely video cache which can keep a history of the progress of the editing process even if it hasn’t been downloaded yet.

7. Sony Vegas Pro

Last recommendation for app seekers editing the video on PC is Sony Vegas Pro which was indeed released by Sony. Its presence has super diverse and high-level features and menus, so it will be more suitable if used by professionals.

Well, that’s an app recommendation editor PC videos without watermark which you can try to download and use first. Each application certainly has advantages and disadvantages, therefore adjust it to the needs and characteristics of the computer you have. That’s the discussion this time about application recommendations and hopefully it can be understood clearly.

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