7 Places to Study Nursing While Working, Open Weekend Classes too!


Sometimes some people who are already working, want to continue their education, namely college or maybe to achieve their former goals. The major that still has a lot of interest is nursing with a fairly busy practice and schedule. Is it possible to study nursing while working, especially when it is very busy and busy?

The answer is of course you can, indeed not all universities or academics open special classes for employees, but don’t be discouraged. The reason is to answer and help find a suitable place to study nursing while working. Now, let’s just look at what are the recommendations or places to study that can be chosen and not burdensome as follows:

1. Esa Unggul Campus

The first recommended place to study nursing while working is Esa Unggul University, which is one of the best private campuses. At least in the new academic year, Esa Unggul University or also known as the UAE opens the profession of nurses and nursing graduates. Prospective students can also choose a schedule and divide the time according to their wishes.

2. Bina Sarana Informatics University (BSI)

When viewed from the name that comes with the word informatics, maybe some people do not think that this campus has a nursing department. BSI is one of the private campuses that is also quite good with pocket-friendly and flexible tuition fees. In addition, there are various facilities that are also provided because nursing does require practice.

3. Mercu Buana Campus

Next up is Mercu Buana University which also opens a special program for employee classes, so they can arrange classes on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, Mercu Buana also guarantees tuition fees that are not difficult for students accompanied by complete facilities. Not only that, conditions such as age limits or length of education are also not included in Mercu Buana.

4. National University

Next is the National University or UNas which opens special nursing classes for workers, so there is no need to be confused about time management. Students can choose to schedule an afternoon until the evening because it is the time for workers to go home. There is also the option to study at weekend or Saturday and Sunday because those times are usually no work or holidays.

5. Al Irsyad College of Health Sciences

Switch to a health high school that was built and focused on health sciences, one of which is nursing. Also known as Sticker Al Irsyad has a Diploma 3 and Bachelor of Nursing study program that you can choose as you wish. This one college place can also be an option to consider because it has a fairly affordable cost.

6. University of Indonesia in Depok

The last place to study nursing while working was the University of Indonesia, whose name was already familiar. How come? This campus is one of the favorite state universities desired by all prospective students. Likewise, the workers, may know how famous this campus is in the work environment.

UI provides existential nursing programs from Diploma to Bachelor, so students can continue their studies without having to repeat credits. In addition, this program is also more friendly to workers because it requires fewer credits.

Those are some recommendations to choose as a place studying on-the-job nursing and can be tailored to individual needs. Each choice is actually in the hands of voters, because they also have to consider accreditation or costs during college. That’s all for today’s explanation and hopefully it can be useful for consideration and future career choices.

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