7 Recommendations for the Best Street Food Snacks as Night Culinary Snacks


Hunting for food at night, both with family and friends, is indeed an exciting thing and of course filling. What’s more, there are many street food snacks that can be found at night.

What’s more, there are many street food vendors in various parts of Indonesia that serve food delicious local and national food at affordable prices.

Enjoying street food or better known as street food at night is a memorable experience, because apart from being able to enjoy various types of delicious culinary delights, you can also enjoy the atmosphere at night.

There are many types of street food snacks that can be found, especially at night, ranging from foods that have a heavy category to various types of snacks, all of which can be adjusted to suit your needs. need you as a connoisseur.

Various foods such as pecel catfish, grilled chicken, rice uduk, goat soup, satay, fried rice, as well as other types of sea food or fast food are recommendations for types of street food that can be chosen when hunting for culinary at night. Here are some explanations:

Catfish Pecel

Pecel catfish is one of the popular foods in Indonesia, and in almost all areas there are many street vendors selling various processed fried foods by relying on the main menu, which is catfish, either grilled or fried. This type of food is also relatively simple, only consisting of white rice, fried catfish, chili sauce, fresh vegetables and a portion of tamarind vegetables.

In addition to catfish, this menu also emphasizes the delicious processed chili paste. In some areas in Indonesia, catfish pecel sauce is even better known than the main menu.

Uduk rice

Nasi uduk is famous for its delicious and savory taste, because the rice is cooked using real coconut milk which adds to the taste.

To complete the enjoyment of the taste of Nasi Uduk, it is also complemented by savory fried onions, spicy red fried chili sauce and various side dishes such as fried chicken, liver gizzard and tofu tempeh.

Fried rice

This street food snack was once very popular when former US President, Barrack Obama visited Indonesia and stated that fried rice is one of the delicious authentic Indonesian culinary delights.

In some areas in Indonesia, fried rice has even become the main choice of the main street food snacks. Fried rice with a delicious natural concoction of spices plus fried chili sauce and a sprinkling of fried onions and a little fresh vegetables such as cucumber or basil leaves will make anyone addicted.


This street food dish, which is identical to the Madurese community, is indeed a type of food that is only available at night, because it is very appropriate to be enjoyed to help ward off hunger and cold at night.

Various processed spices such as soy sauce and peanut sauce taste delicious when eaten with the satay menu, both chicken and mutton. Added a little goat soup is guaranteed to make the dish even more perfect.

Choosing a Street Food Snack Location

Although it offers a lot of enjoyment, other things that are no less important in choosing the location of street food snacks are also important to pay attention to various factors such as choosing a location that is safe from the flow of vehicle traffic and the cleanliness factor of the location where the street food is located.

Always make sure that the location of the street food that you choose always prioritizes cleanliness both in terms of menu presentation and how to process the food.

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