7 Recommended Comic Reading Applications on Smartphones for Free


Comics or what are known as picture stories are interesting reading material because they are accompanied by two-dimensional graphics. Now there is no need to go to a bookstore, comics can now be accessed using a comic reading application.

This comic reading application can be accessed for free, either via PC, laptop, or smartphone. You just need to download this comic reading application and start using it to read various comic titles that interest you.

These various comic reading applications provide many interesting story titles and can be accessed at any time by staying connected to the internet. The following is a review of what applications can be used to read comics for free.

There are so many application Read comics that can be found on various platforms including on Google Playstore, but the following five applications can be used as the main choice for downloading comic reading applications for free.

MangaToon Comic Reading App

The comic reading application that can be used as an option to be able to read comics for free is Mangatoon. You can choose various comic genres through MangaToon, including romance, slice of life, action, and horror.

Every comic published in the MangaToon application has a unique appearance graphic attractive and high resolution. You can also download your favorite comics on MangaToon so you can read them anytime without having to be connected to the internet.

Challenger Comics Viewer

Challenger Comics Viewer is the next comic reading application that you can choose to fill your spare time. This application can be installed via PC or smartphone and can be accessed either online or offline.

The advantage of the Challenger Comics Viewer application is that it is not accompanied by advertisements, so that reading activities will not be disturbed. In addition, this comic reading application also features a light adjustment feature so that you are more comfortable when reading

Astonishing Comic Reader

The next comic reading application is Astonishing Comic Reader. The main function of this application is to read illustrated stories with the superhero theme. You can access this Astonishing Comics Reader for free.

There are various stories with superhero themes with interesting plots published through Astonishing Comics Reader. For those of you who really like Marvell’s stories, you can read them through the Astonishing Comic Reader application.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is the next free comic reading app that you can choose from. This application provides various genres of popular comic stories, ranging from those from the west to those produced from Japan.


This comic application can be used to read illustrated stories with superhero characters produced by Marvel, namely Comics. This application has been downloaded tens of thousands of times because it provides various titles of Marvell superhero stories.

This reading application also has a fairly good image quality, so you will be comfortable when reading it. In addition, Comics is an application that can be used to read comics both online and without an internet connection.

Line Webtoon

Line Webtoon can be said to be the best comics application because it is still the most popular until now. This application provides various genres of comics with a fresh storyline because it is always updated.

You can find up to 7000 comic titles through the Line Webtoon application, ranging from superhero, comedy, horror, and romantic genres. In addition, you can also read the comics provided on this Line Webtoon for free at any time.

ComicRacks Free

The next android comic reading application that you can install on your smartphone is ComicsRacks Free. You can find various interesting features offered by this application for reading comics for free.

One of the interesting features that ComicsRacks Free offers is that you can connect it to a PC or laptop. This will allow you to get a larger image display, making it more comfortable when reading.

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