7 Steps to Register Shopee Food Driver via Online


Currently, many people are tempted to register as shopee food drivers because they are considered capable of providing adequate income. What’s more, how to register a Shopee food driver is very easy and practical.

Shopee is now starting to enter the food delivery service business amidst the dominance of competitors who have entered first. Even though he is famous as one of the marketplace large, a number of breakthroughs continue to be made.

So, it’s not surprising that a number of people flocked to become Shopee Food driver partners because they were tempted by the benefits offered.

Shopee Food Driver Reaches Various Regions in Indonesia

Previously, the method of registering Shopee Food online was only available for the Jabodetabek area, now several other cities are starting to be able to register, even in several big cities in Indonesia, which already have shopee food driver services and for merchants.

However, please note, even though the registration process can be done via the online method, at the recruitment and activation stage, you still have to go to the nearest office.

How to Register Shopee Food Driver

The process of registering to become a shopee food driver is also relatively easy, because it can be done anytime and anywhere, with various devices ranging from computers to smartphones. However, before starting, try to keep the internet connection and signal stable so that the registration process can run smoothly.

Then open the registration link. There are 3 links available, specifically for Jakarta, then the Bodetabek area (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi), and finally other areas such as Bandung, Surabaya, Jogja, Lampung and so on.

Shopee Food Driver Partner Registration Link

  • Jakarta area:
  • Bodetabek area:
  • For outside Jabodetabek:

Well, after that you can register using a cellphone or laptop by following the steps below.

Open the Shopee Food driver registration link;

  • Fill in the registration form as a Shopee Food driver partner;
  • Complete personal data according to the valid identity;
  • Fill in the city of domicile or current location of residence;
  • Fill in the question if you have previously registered on an online motorcycle taxi application;
  • Complete list of requirements;
  • Reference and agent email can be left blank;
  • When it’s done, send it.

Requirements for Registering Shopee Food Driver

After registering, make sure that you meet the requirements so that the process of registering a shopee food driver can take place quickly.

The conditions that must be met are;

  • Indonesian Citizen (WNI);
  • Have an active ID card at least 17 to 65 years old when registering;
  • Have an active SIM C;
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) with a minimum year of manufacture of the vehicle in 2012;
  • Bank Savings Book one of BNI, BCA, BRI, or Mandiri with the name of the account owner must match the registered ID card;
  • Active email address;
  • Active mobile number.

After filling out the complete Shopee Food registration form according to the instructions above, you just have to wait for confirmation from Shopee Food. The maximum time required for this process is one month. Later, the team from Shopee Food will contact you via Whatsapp number or email for further processing.

Shopee Food Driver Attribute Installments

Every partner who has been accepted by shopee food will be required to have attributes as a shopee food driver. These attributes are in the form of jackets, helmets and bags to store food that must be used by drivers when they start taking orders.

This attribute must be paid in installments and deducted directly through the partner application in accordance with the applicable provisions and has been agreed upon by the partner.


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