7 Ways to Create a Learning Website with Google Sites, Easy and Practical


Currently, the use of technology to support learning and teaching activities has become a common thing for teachers, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic which is still ongoing in a number of regions in Indonesia.

With digital technology, both computer-based and online smartphone The benefits are felt by both teachers and students in distance learning activities, even the output of using technology as a media to support the learning process is slightly better when compared to face-to-face learning methods.

Many -based learning methods technology that have been successfully created by students, whether interactive, videos, animations to other learning materials that fully utilize digital-based technology either through smartphones or computer devices.

One of the technology applications that is also useful in supporting learning and teaching processes and activities is Google Sites, one of the features belonging to the largest technology company in the world Google is widely used for various educational needs, including creating learning websites with this application.

Although not as popular as content management systems or other CMS, Google Sites offers users to take advantage of this application for free which is fully used to create various websites or even personal blogs like the blogger and wordpress platforms.

Advantages of Google Sites

There are many advantages that Google Sites offers to its users, ranging from the convenience of building and designing websites personally, arranging the content to be filled in and displayed on this Google-owned application so that it can be accessed widely to the ease of website management, including for educators who are not too familiar with it. in terms of making websites and blogs.

Another advantage offered by Google Sites is the speed of access because this platform is directly integrated with Google as its parent, especially in the browser or search engine, so there is no need to worry about the website that has been created experiencing errors or disturbances in hosting.

How to Easily Create a Learning Website on Google Sites

How to make a website on google sites can also be done easily, and only takes a short time, especially if the teacher who wants to create a learning website already has an understanding of how to build a website.

Here are the steps to create a learning website with google sites:

  • Access google sites through its main browser engine, namely: Google Chrome. After the search engine opens, then type google site in the search field.
  • After entering the main page of google sites, you are required to login first and must use a gmail account.
  • After successfully logging in, then click the + logo to create a new site on google sites
  • There are a number of features after you select the + icon, for example at the very top right corner of the display is where the website settings you want to create are located.
  • On the main screen there is a special box to write the title of your website page, while on the right side of the main box there are settings ranging from text boxes, images to the theme of the website you want to make to make it look more attractive.
  • Set the website according to your needs or you can create the appearance of the website to make it look attractive
  • If the settings for the website display are complete, select the Publish menu to display your website to students.


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