7 Ways to Save to Buy a House with a Small Salary, Easy


Owning a house is the dream of many people. However, many people cannot afford to buy a house because house prices are getting more expensive, while the salary they get is small. No need to be pessimistic, you can have a dream house as long as you understand how to save money to buy a house with a small salary.

Now this dream house can be obtained by low-income people, the way of course is by saving. This is done because house prices are increasing day by day. Here’s how to save to buy a house with a small income:

1. Prepare a Financial Plan

Even though the income is low, buying a house can be realized by saving. The way to save to buy a house with a small salary at the earliest is to make a detailed financial plan. Plans are made and the required budget must be taken into account. Careful planning and correct calculations can make people manage their finances wisely.

2. Open a Savings Account in a Special Account

Furthermore, to make it easier to manage finances House more detailed stairs. So, make a special savings to buy a house. You can do this by providing two different accounts. For example, one account is used to pay routine bills and another is used to pay house installments.

In addition, users can also use the autodebit feature from the bank. So, payday money can be directly transferred to a savings account to buy a house. It is also an effective way to misuse money to buy something that is not efficient.

3. Participate in the KPR Program

Mortgages are indeed popular among people whose economy is barely able to get a dream house. The home ownership credit program, which is offered in the form of credit facilities to buy a house, is indeed widely followed for those who cannot afford to buy a house in cash. This way of saving to buy a house with a small salary is very effective.

4. Set aside 30 percent of your income

Setting aside 30 percent of your income is a way of saving to buy a house with a small salary that can speed up getting your dream home. It’s easy, just set aside 30 percent of your income to save at the beginning of the month after payday. Do not set aside income at the end of the month because the amount can be erratic.

5. Investment

To accelerate the dream of owning a house, it is not enough to save money. Another way that can be done is to start investing. There are many investment options that offer a small nominal value or choose investments that are minimal risk, such as mutual funds and time deposits.

Investment is very necessary while saving to buy a house because financial conditions are uncertain and unexpected things can arise at any time, so the investment can be used as an emergency fund or reserve. This way also avoids saving money to buy a house is safe and not taken for other needs.

6. Choose a Location and Installment House

Don’t forget to plan to choose a location and home installments. For people with low incomes, it is better to choose a location that is not far from public transportation. This is done to save on travel costs, which can cost quite a bit of money, if the available access is easy to reach. In addition, the location of the house must take into account income and the amount of income.

7. Consistent

Consistent saving is the key to success in buying a house with a low income. This way it takes time. However, it takes perseverance and good control in managing finances, and being able to delay buying something that is not needed. In addition, avoid debt and other installments because they can burden people with lower-middle economic conditions.

That’s 6 ways to save money to buy a house with a small salary. These tips or methods are simple and easy. However, this small step is actually very useful for the future, including having a dream home. Simply by saving expenses, and controlling income and expenses. I hope this helps!

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