8 Sahur Menus for Diets That Make Your Energy During Fasting Increase! Just Try It Yourself!

Tired of undergoing Ramadan fasting this year, moreover it is also getting aggravated by the diet you are currently living.

But as humans who always expect His pleasure, we should not always complain about fasting in this holy month of Ramadan.

Maybe there is something wrong with your suhoor menu, so that your fast is harder with other people.

For that, why not try some of the menus sahur for a diet that has been Referred to News summarized below. Curious? Let’s see the full explanation.

sahur menu for diet

For those who are on a diet while fasting, it must be a very valuable experience.

Besides you have to hold back your lust, another challenge is to hold your body’s energy so you can make it until the time of breaking the fast.

But there’s no need to worry, because the News Reference will share some sahur menus for your diet so that your fast will be more energetic.

1. Grilled Chicken

Why should you choose grilled chicken as a sahur menu for a diet, because roasted chicken contains a lot of protein.

So that the protein consumed will increase energy while fasting on the same day.

Actually, you don’t need to bother to prepare the grilled chicken, because with just a few spices, it tastes really good.

2. Dates Mixed with Milk

Dates are very popular for breaking the fast menu, besides having a delicious and sweet taste, these dates really have many benefits for the body.

In addition to dates, milk is also a drink that is needed by the body, therefore these two ingredients can be mixed as a sahur menu for your diet.

So that a mixture of dates and milk can provide additional energy during daytime fasting to undergo your strict diet.

3. Vegetables

The sahur menu for the next diet is vegetables, this food menu applies to almost all vegetables.

Therefore, this food menu can be eaten in large quantities, although most people do not like certain vegetables.

However, those of you who are undergoing diet healthy, must eat vegetables to increase energy in the body during fasting.

4. Boiled Chicken

Maybe this one diet menu requires more money to buy it.

Because we know that the price of chicken has experienced a fairly high jump compared to the prices of other food ingredients.

However, for those of you who are on a diet, it is highly recommended to eat the boiled chicken menu, so that your body condition does not weaken while fasting.

5. Apple Juice

It has a high vitamin C content and is rich in fiber, making apple juice a must at the time of breaking the fast.

In addition to refreshing, it turns out that apple juice can also ward off free radicals that are harmful to the body. For this reason, the sahur menu for this one diet is a must try.

6. Egg Roll

When you are lazy to cook and prepare complicated ingredients, maybe this sahru menu is perfect for those of you who are still alone.

This egg roll menu can be an alternative for sahur that is both delicious and easy to make, and good for dieting too.

7. Sauteed Sweet Spicy Tofu

Tofu and tempeh can be processed into various delicious foods and are also practical in making them.

One of them is that you can make stir-fried sweet and spicy tofu and tempeh, with this easy-to-make food menu that will be very suitable as a sahur menu for a diet.

8. Fresh Fruits

If you have already talked about vegetables, then there is no harm in discussing the true companions, namely fruits.

Because fresh fruit contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients needed by the body.

So if it’s time to break the fast, there’s nothing wrong with consuming lots of fresh fruit.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding some of the sahur menus for the diet that you must try, if your body is healthy, you will be enthusiastic about Ramadan.

There will be a month where, the day is filled with goodness, and at night we learn the holy Qur’an. Ramadan will always be a light from a dim heart.

If there are errors or typos in the writing, I apologize profusely. Because humans are not perfect and the place is wrong.

That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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