8 Simple Vegetable Iftar Menus and Suitable for Your Weary Heart!

Sometimes a broken heart makes our lives even more uninspired, especially since we have entered the holy month of Ramadan.

We should be closer to the Almighty, in order to obtain His pleasure.

If your heart is broken and you’re not excited to break your fast, why not try some vegetable menus breaking the fast this.

Who knows, it can treat longing wounds in the heart and can be an additional energy for your fast tomorrow.

vegetable menu iftar

Heartbreak is hard, let alone left when it’s time again, unfortunately, but we also can’t fall asleep in adversity.

Moreover, we have entered the holy month of Ramadan, where our hearts should be more grateful for His blessings.

Maybe you don’t have an appetite when iftar arrives, but there’s no need to be sad anymore.

Because, the News Reference will share some simple but still appetizing vegetable iftar menus. So read this article to the end.

1. Potato Fried Sambal

Even though it is simple, this vegetable menu for breaking the fast is very suitable to be enjoyed when it is time to break the fast.

Because the materials obtained are also easy, and the price is very cheap. Can be an alternative choice for your simple menu.

2. Coconut Milk Spinach

If you want a gravy, then this iftar vegetable menu is perfect for you to choose.

How not, the taste of the fresh sauce coupled with the typical spinach vegetable, makes it even more loved by many people.

Because it contains a lot of nutrients for the body, it is undeniable that this menu can be an easy-to-cook alternative choice.

3. Sauteed Eggplant

For those of you who are confused about what menu to open? Why not try choosing an eggplant stir fry.

Stir-fried eggplant has become one of the favorite vegetable menus for most people, because the ingredients are easy to get.

Even the price of eggplant is not too expensive, therefore, this menu is very suitable if consumed when breaking the fast arrives.

4. Sauteed Beans

Most Indonesians really like chickpeas, whether it’s roasted or processed into soup.

However, because it took too long to prepare the soup, stir-fried chickpeas became an option menu simple breakfast.

The distinctive taste of chickpeas, coupled with some delicious toppings, makes this menu very suitable as an iftar meal, isn’t it.

5. Kimlo Soup

Indeed, kimlo soup is not made from vegetables, but with the addition of some vegetables such as carrots and mushrooms, it makes this dish very suitable for breakfast.

Moreover, how to make it is also very easy and also the ingredients are very easy to get.

Making this kimlo soup is one of the mandatory menus when breaking fast arrives.

6. Mostopha Potato

Recently, the menu that is very suitable for breaking the fast is mustofa potatoes.

It has a unique taste as well as many devotees, making this menu very suitable for your sahur menu.

Moreover, how to make it is also very easy and simple, so it is suitable as a vegetable menu for your iftar.

7. Mushroom Balado Rendang

Many say this mushroom rendang is more like stir-fried mushrooms, but it’s not wrong if it’s called mushroom rendang.

Because the basic ingredients used are very similar to rendang. This menu is very suitable for the vegetable menu iftar.

Moreover, the taste of mushrooms which are like meat and also the many nutrients, make this menu suitable as a meal for breaking the fast.

8. Sauteed Sweet Spicy Cabbage

When you want to make stir-fry for your iftar vegetable menu, why not try cauliflower.

It tastes good coupled with fresh basic ingredients, making this dish very suitable for your iftar menu.

Especially if you cook it properly, it is added with squid topping which will make this dish even more delicious.

Final Words and Closing!

Well, that’s a complete explanation regarding some simple iftar vegetable menus. Marhaban ya Ramadhan. Make this holy month a month to get closer to him.

There will be a month where, the day is filled with goodness, and at night we learn the holy Qur’an. Ramadan will always be a light from a dim heart.

If there are errors or typos in the writing, I apologize profusely. Because humans are not perfect and the place is wrong.

That way a mistake will be a lesson to be better in the future.

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That’s all and thank you for reading this article. Don’t forget to keep up with other interesting information from News Reference yes. Bye-bye…

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